Monday, July 21, 2008

A new appriciation

No my daughter doesn't dress like the teen in the picture, and no my husband doesn't wear a suit to work. And in reality I would not look so confident and brave. I would have my hand on my forehead and look like I am about to scream. I would also have several more kids around my ankles. Some not even belonging to me.

I have a new appreciation for my friends that are single moms.

It is really hard being the sole person in charge. No one to discuss important matters like parenting and discipline with. No one to give you a break at the end of the day. We are in our second of three weeks in a row Ron will be out of town with work stuff. He comes home on the weekend to sleep and to have the laundry washed.

This is hard stuff. I appreciate you my single friends.


Beth said...

I have to say, nothing makes me feel more single than discipline issues and non-cooperative bedtimes. I love being a mommy, and sooooo appreciate all my family and friends who are walking this journey with me. I couldn't do it without you all. Thanks, Jill.

Carol said...

Beth is right, the discipline is hard. For me it is when I am tired or not feeling up to snuff. I think the hardest part for me though is not having someone to share the joys with. You know how people say parents go on a date for alone time and end up talking about the kids? ;) I am glad my friends and family let me tell "Grace Stories" all the time... I am also grateful for friends like you Jill, you are such a great example and have not only given me good advice, you have modeled it. Thanks for being so open and honest about the struggles, that is a rare thing these days, especially among Christians. (ironic huh?)

Single, but not alone,


Cara Lynn said...

I would not want to be a single mom in this day & age, but have GRET respect for the ones that I have met! Being both parents is a hard job and those moms need to be covered in prayer! I do appreciate them to!

I'm a fellow company girl stopping by to visit!

Tricia said...

Although I am not a single mom, I have felt like it so many times over the last few years with Dick's job. It is really tough to have to do it all, and often times people don't really understand. So, I can relate - when Dick is gone. And I have great respect for those that are single all the time. Thankfully, none of us (believers) really are alone though. Hang in there!