Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Kim @ Adventures in Switzerland has given me a little love. Thanks Kim!

When Kim received this award/tag she stated that she was surprised. I am amazed too that anyone stops to read the stuff I post about or come back after reading. I am certainly not the most entertaining, most theological, or even the most entertaining. This blog is mainly just a way for me to process what is going on in my life. A way for me to actually complete a thought in one place. Even if it sometimes takes days to complete it.

So this is the deal. I tag or share this award with all those blogs out there that I love, that I read regularly, that I relate to, laugh with, cry with…you know, that make my day. I will comment on their blogs to let them know they've been tagged and then they can link back to me when they've posted their taggees (I guess you'd call them).

Jamie @ Purposeful Pursuit - I love ya! I have the pleasure of calling Jamie a real life friend. I have been friends with her sister Beth for many years and I guess with that family if you get one you get them all, which is wonderful because the whole family just awesome! Including Wendi! I love checking in on Jamie everyday to see what antics her family is up to or what God is teaching her. I have to tell you Jamie is the real deal!

Second, I would like to share the award with Sarah @Life in the Parsonage.
Sarah makes me laugh! She just throws her stuff out there for all to see. You gotta love a girl who posts pictures of her before and after shots. Sarah also has a very compassionate side and love the people who live in her tiny town.

I guess why I like both these bloggers so much is because the are both married to the ministry. They make me feel like maybe we are not weird after all ;o)

There are a couple more bloggers I would like to tag....but they would have to be blogging or at least have a recent post! I'm just sayin'...


Jamie @ Purposeful Pursuit said...

Ahhh, thanks Jill! I got a little tear in my eye. I'm so glad we are real life friends!!!

Sarah@Life in the Parsonage said...

Oh...we're weird all right!!! HA!

THANK YOU! And I do have to say, I'm a bit jealous you and Jamie get to be real life friends...I think that makes me the 3rd wheel ;)

You are BOTH wonderful and both so deserving of this award!!!

Beth said...

Gosh, if I only I had known there were know my little performance based self would be blogging everyday.

Tricia said...

Sorry i haven't posted, but don't give up on me yet. You know it takes a lot of patience to deal with me. I hope to be blogging least I'm back to commenting!