Saturday, July 12, 2008

Sings My Soul

I have been lurking through the Sings my Soul Saturday at Amy's for several weeks. I like to see how music cooperates and works with the Lord as He teaches. So I thought I would participate this week.

God has been working on me with the lies that I tend to believe. Let me tell you friend, they are many. And they all have to do with my thoughts a post or so ago about 'Enough'. Although one part of me does not believe in lies, another part does. It is the struggle inside my heart for truth. I am working on listening to the Voice of Truth and believing Him above any lie.


Beth said...

Love that song! In fact, that song was very meaningful in my live four years ago or so... learned a lot about truth in that season. Unfortunately, I have let a few of those lies creep back into my life.

Susan said...

Oh what a great song, I love the lyrics.

Yes, there is only one voice we really need to listen to, the voice of TRUTH!!

So glad you joined us today♥

Mari said...

Oh how the Lord used this song to quench a lie once. The test results showed one thing, the Lord said another. He told me to repeat the test and guess what...the first one was WRONG.

I too am walking out of the lies into HIS TRUTH. Awesome! Thanks.

LAURIE said...

Glad you joined us this week, I also love that song and a few weeks ago I posted it with a posting about forgiveness in my life. The voice of Truth - the enemy is such a liar but God has so much more in store for us. Thanks for sharing your worshipful heart with us today. -Laurie

Amy Wyatt said...

I say this all the time but I'll say it again... Casting Crowns is one of my all time favorites. I love this song. I remember where I was the first time I heard it. It is such a powerful song. So glad you decided to join in this week. I hope you will post again next week.

Tänia said...

Yes... this is a WONDERFUL song! The words just ring in my heart at times!

Thank you for sharing!

Tänia @