Monday, July 2, 2012

Counting in July" target="_blank">" >

The online community is a gift.  What a blessing to connect with amazing women that I would not otherwise have the opportunity. 

I have found this counting gifts is so good for my soul.  It helps me to slow the pace and think about what is actually happening in my life.  To think about what the Lord is doing in and around me.  Without counting the gifts I have seen myself return to my natual tendencies to hurry through and to be critical and negative.  Counting makes me look for the positives and the graces.

Today's dare is to count gifts read.

"Generally you see what you look for in people" Power of a Woman's Words
God has been nudging me in regards to my sharp words and crtitical thoughts towards others.

"Discipline your thoughts to Me" Jesus Calling
My thoughts need to be brought into submission to His thoughts.  In all things - with all people.

"It's a trade.  You give us parts, and we give parts of ourselves to you" Holy Experience
We keep nothing for ourselves.  Giving to others, serving others, ministering to others gives them a piece of me and likewise.  We create as we give to others like a beautiful tapestry of threads.