Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The Love Theme Recap

Last year I chose a “THEME” for the year. I saw it somewhere around the blogosphere and thought it was a great idea. I felt the Lord leading me to choose the theme of love. And with all things that the Lord guides me in, it turned out nothing like what I thought it would.

I imagined a year filled with warmth, kindness, time spent with friends and family. Imagine warm chocolate chip cookies and a glass of milk, Ah, heavenly. My goal was to really invest in people, not just on a surface “How ya doin’” but really investing. So now I ask myself; “How did that work out for you?”

I have learned some hard lessons this year.

Sometimes people don’t want your investment if it means you know their business. As long as all is going well it is OK, but let’s say things are not going well. This lesson has taught me that now more than ever that I want accountability. If a friend sees something in my life that is not right I hope they would love me enough to point it out, not just pat me on the shoulder. I want to have a soft enough spirit to receive their words.

I have learned that forgiveness and trust are two very different things. You can forgive someone but that doesn’t mean you have to trust them. God has asked me to forgive and that means leaving the past where it is and moving on, but it doesn’t mean that I put myself in the same situation again.

Seasons change and people move in and out of your life. Sometimes by physically moving and other times it is because God needs to remove some branches to make way for new growth. Both ways are painful. I am thankful that God has placed a few key people in my life that are my anchors. I know I can count on them at anytime to be there for me. Some of these people I talk to on a very regular basis and others are more hit and miss but I know without a doubt that they are for me and not against me. They have my best in mind.

It is more difficult to see your child struggle with friendships than it is to go through them yourself.

Just because an investment in people didn’t turn out the way I wanted does not mean I should stop investing and loving. Although some of these lessons shook me, beat me, and really made me ask some difficult questions, they ultimately made my walk stronger. God has called us to love people and that doesn’t always look like a Hallmark movie. Sometimes there is not a neat happy ending and a solution wrapped in a 60 minute timeslot. Sometimes there are consequences that linger for a long time and during that time you start digging through the rubble, hauling out the garbage, repairing what you can, and building from scratch what you cannot.

Monday, December 28, 2009


It is the end of the year. The end of a decade. In a few days we will be celebrating all the hope of what is to come. My usual routine for the week between Christmas and New Year's is to number 1, put away everything Christmas and then spend the rest of the time pondering and reflecting. It all sounds very spiritual doesn't it. It's not.

The pondering comes in brief moments of time. Between sleepovers, birthdays, grocery shopping and laundry. Sometimes while grocery shopping and doing the laundry. Time to plan first with next months happenings and then to the bigger picture of the next year. I have been thinking about the end of a decade and what I want to see for myself and my family in the next 10 years. Ten years from now Emma will be turning 26. I could very well be a grandma. 10 years ago she was just turning 6 and had just started Kindergarten, wow. Life happens fast doesn't it.

This next year I will be turning 40. "They" say this is the decade that you don't care anymore about what people think of you. I know that I care a whole lot less now than I did 10 years ago, and I think that is a good thing. I am not so sure it is a good thing to completely not care about what others think.

Here is my status report for the end of December 2009... front of the computer


Enjoying...listening to 3 little girls play downstairs and watching the neighbor boys throw snowballs at each other.

Reading...I received 3 new books for Christmas (Crazy Love, The Forgotten Holy Spirit, and Scared) I can't wait to start...maybe tonight. As of late I have only been reading magazines.

Looking forward to...all that 2010 has.

Obsessed...not so much

Thinking...about my sis-in-law's fight with cancer and what 2010 will hold for her family.

Happy...that I am content with where I am in life right now.

I am thankful that God made our lives with seasons. Both in nature and in life. It gives us opportunity to change and reinvent. How about you? What are you reflecting on?

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

To you and your family! May this New Year bring lots of blessings! I dare you to show your loved ones an extra portion of love this holiday. Make 'em a cup of coffee, have lunch with your friends (hint, hint), make a phone call, allow yourself to be in the Christmas pictures, read that extra book, do a little sewing, make pancakes for breakfast and add some chocolate chips, show some extra patience and give a little hug.

Savor the next days because before we know it, it will be January 4th and time to get back to it. Ugh, the thought is daunting. So enjoy! I know I am going to. I am having lunch today with a far away friend who is visiting family along with a close by friend that always brings me a smile. I can't wait!

We have been unpacking our stockings for the 10 days prior to Christmas to make it last a bit longer. Today I unpacked a griddle. Not really a stocking gift...more like a hint to make off I go! Showin' love to my family one pancake at a time.

Monday, December 14, 2009

The Invisible Woman

Is the appeal of giving to our families sacrificially wearing thin? Are you tired of giving and giving? Are you looking forward to the holidays being over? I hope not. I hope you are still looking forward to the next couple weeks. Spending time with your family. Giving of your time to them to show them how much you love them. Just in case you need a little encouragement like me to keep on you go!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Love intercedes

Do you ever wonder why God gives us women overwhelming insight into others faults? Do you think it is so we can complain and nag? Probably not. Instead of trying to change anyone today let's take it to the One that can actually do the changing.

Today's dare: Pray for those you love. Pray for exactly what they need. Pray for their heart. Pray for their attitude. Pray for truth to replace lies. Pray for forgiveness to replace bitterness. Pray for love and honor to become the norm.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009


I love that word. Beloved. It is so old-fashioned. People really don't talk like that anymore. Maybe we should. The word is defined as "greatly loved or dear to the heart". Maybe we should start a trend and start using words like beloved, cherished, adored, felicity, mischance. I digress...

Today's Dare: Show someone in your home that they are your beloved. That you cherish them. Do something out of the ordinary. Hold open a door, give them a sticker, brush their hair, cuddle with them at bedtime, write a note, or look them in the eyes when they speak.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Let them win at something

I don't know about you but sometimes I just want to win. Even in the little stuff. I want my own way. I want my flavor of coffee in the morning. I want my kind of soap in the shower. I want my towels folded a certain way. I want my soda in the fridge. Oh, the list could go on and on and on.

Today's Dare: Let someone else win. Give in to their preferences. Pick up THEIR thing at the store just to be nice. Let them make the decision on what to watch on TV. Let them choose what is for dinner. Let them stay up a few minutes longer. Just for today...then tomorrow we can go back to being selfish ;o)

Thursday, December 3, 2009

What did you say?

I am new to the whole texting thing. I sent one out today and somehow through my inexperience I sent it to the first 10 people in my contacts list. Thankfully it was not personal or private. But 9 people received a text that made them wonder 'What are you talking about?'

Today's Dare:
Let those you love know you cherish them by acknowledging and giving them attention when they enter a room or come home for the day. Give them your undivided attention for just a few minutes and see what it does to their spirits.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Show the love!

I have been meeting with a couple of young women for the past few months. They both have only been married for a few years. The honeymoon is over and the reality of life as wives and mothers has set in. The reality of balancing work, marriage, kids, laundry, school, groceries, etc. seems daunting. And let's face it, sometimes it is.

We are going through the book "The Love Dare". I went through this book last year when our church encouraged it and thought it had some really great reminders about showing love to those we hold dearest.

Christmas is right around the corner and what better way to celebrate the season by showing those we love a little something extra. It is so easy to get in the routine of life and forget that each member of our family is a special gift given to us by God. I know I certainly don't always treat then that way.

So for the rest of the month I am going to be highlighting some of the 'dares' that we are doing. I hope this will encourage you to show those that live in your home, not just your spouse, that you do love and cherish them.

Today's dare:
Doing something out of the ordinary to show you love them.
Wash the car, make a meal, go get them a coffee, play a game, read a book. Say 'I love you' in a special way today.