Friday, July 4, 2008

Happy 4th of July!

Just a quick update of the weight thing before we head out of town to celebrate with family for the 4th.

This week my ticker moved one pound. I will be glad to take it since I really didn't think it would move at all this week. I am so glad that I didn't buy that box of doughnut holes at the bakery the other day. I REALLY REALLY wanted to bring them home. They called out to me and promised to be my new best friends... but I knew they were just trying to deceive me. Have I ever mentioned that cake is my dessert of choice? Any kind of cake, even in the form of little seemingly innocent little balls of goodness. I really shouldn't dwell on those little guys so much or I might have to go rescue them after all. I don't plan of being too good this weekend. I do plan a trip to the Cold Stone Creamery just because it is tradition on this trip to make a big family trip to the store. Yum! Looking forward to that so much. Hopefully that will be the only binge of the weekend.

Wendi and I stepped up the walking a bit this week and walked over 2.5 miles a couple times. I also did some swimming. I am so glad for the really short hair cut I got a week ago. It has made the swimming thing much more appealing not thinking about doing my hair afterward.

Have a wonderful weekend celebrating with friends and family!


Carol said...

We are really, really going to miss you and your family today, but I hope you have fun anyway. Tell Eli I will light a giant firecracker just for him. And with John there we may even have some M80s to pound with a hammer, all in honor of Eli of course!

I love Cold Stone! Every time I eat there I think of Denise (when she was still Schnieder) She was at Texas A&M and I was a Missionary in Houston. She came over and spent a weekend with me and said I just had to try this new ice-cream place! Which, also goes hand in hand with another memory of Denise, helping me sort through some pretty disgusting old food that had been donated to the mission center. She looked up at me and pleaded, "Please remind me, I'm doing this for Jesus!" LOL! Good times. =)

Have a safe trip and we will see you Monday! ;P

Demara said...

ooo short hair? let's see.

I'm glad the poundage is dropping! It's such a great motivator.

And "weightloss" starts by saying "NO" to one tiny dounut! WAY TO GO on that.

Happy 4th of July!!!

Wendi said...

Hey great job on the pound! Ok your passing me up, hummm, I'm gonna have to work harder this week! Hope you had a great 4th.