Wednesday, April 2, 2008

100 posts! and a give-away

WOW! 100 posts! I have to say that when I started this about a year ago I didn't know if I would have anything to say. Most of the time I really don't have anything of much worth to say. But occasionally something thoughtful does come out. To thank you for reading all the silliness with the occasional worthwhile thought I am having a give-away to let you know how much I appriciate you. Leave a comment to this post and I will have a random drawing on Friday for either the Glory Revealed CD or
Chris Tomlin's See the Morning depending on if you already have one or the other. These are two of my favorite worship CDs of all time!

I thought the 100th post should be wonderful, awesome, inspiring. But I don't have anything like that today. But I do have a couple thoughts about what I have learned or gleaned from blogging in the past year.

~There are some awesome women bloggers out there. I have met several women through their blogs that I have come to admire and respect. They make me think and strive to be more like Jesus and I love that. I probably would have never come to know them without blogging. They are featured on my sidebar.

~Blogging is kind of therapeutic. I enjoy completing a thought. Sometimes I use it as a kind of therapy. A way for me to process through what God is teaching me. I love to hear the comments and see what God says through y'all.

~I can waste a lot of time blog reading. I really try to limit how much time I allow myself to cruise blogs because I can waste too much time with it just like TV or anything else. It is a bit addictive.

~The written word is powerful. It creates more emotion and feeling than just verbalizing. This is wonderful when it causes me to draw closer to God and His Son.

So leave a comment and I will post who wins on Saturday!


Katy said...

Hello! I actually just found your blog..2 seconds ago..LOL. I hope it is still OK for me to enter your giveaway!!! :) Happy 100 posts! (and i would LOVE to win! i LOVE worship CDs!!! I play them in the kitchen while doing dishes and cooking or baking and is GREAT!)

Jamie said...

Way to go...100 posts! I hear it is bloggy tradition that on your 100th post you are supposed to list 100 things about yourself :) I enjoy your blog and when I get one of those sidebar things going you'll be listed in my favorites for sure. I hope you randomly pick me to win your giveaway.
Keep blogging!

Ginger said...

Wow! One hundred posts....I have a ways to go. I guess I am still just a blogging baby. :)

I enjoy your thoughts and am always encouraged in my faith through you!


Beth said...

Pick me, pick me, pick me. Seriously, I do enjoy reading your thoughts... you not only make me laugh, but often give me thing to personally reflect upon.

tricia said...

Since I don't have either CD, AND haven't bought any new ones lately, I hope you pick ME!!! My computer is back and running, so here I am. I love blogging and writing my thoughts, good and helpful, I hope. But, like you said, I could really spend too much time on it. It could be a job...hmmm. I will look forward to hearing who one when I get back on vacation!!!

Kindra said...

Congrats on your 100th post! I know blogging can very addictive and it's hard to step away from the computer. I'm a stay at home momma too. :) I'll be back to visit soon!!

kim said...

Congradulations on 100 posts! Way to go! I check your blog frequently and enjoy reading your thoughts.
If I win...I would like to donate my prize to my sister, as shipping to Switzerland is just too expensive! I'll take it back when I'm visiting this summer. just kidding...well, maybe...

Anonymous said...

Wow a giveaway! I wonder if “blog lurkers” are included??? I sure hope so, cuz ya know Chris Tomlin is one of my absolute faves! ;) But, even if I don’t win, the treasure of your friendship is enough for me… (Now I’ll win for sure!)

Anonymous said...

I wanted to reply to Beth's spring break blog, but, she does not allow lurkers to respond... How Rude! Was she not a former lurker herself just a short while ago? Anyway Beth, here is what I would have responded to you, had I been allowed:
Cleaning can wait. How's that for holding you accountable? I know, I am such an encouraging friend... ;) Everything else sounds wonderful! Play Play Play and have a blast with your darling daughters! You are such a great Mommy Beth and an inspiration to me! Seriously. ;)
PS Grace saw the picture of your girls on our fridge tonight and said, "Hi Meg-um, Hi Cake!" ;)

Lori said...

Hey Jill,
Congrats on your long season of blogging.
Yours is one of my faves....
What's up with the "shameless give-away"?
Some people will do ANYTHING to get more readers(HAHA).
Yeah, so I would like Chris Tomlin's CD(Not Chris Rice, please).
I hope I win!!!!!!!
You KNOW I'll be your friend for life if I do...
See ya blog-sista.

Tracy said...

Did I miss this? Aw MAN... :)