Friday, April 18, 2008

OK Jamie, I'll play along

Jamie has tagged anyone willing to play along.

A six word memoir:
This isn't the life I planned.
But I'm glad God did ;o)

Seven random things about myself
1. I love to read, wish I did more.
2. I loved my big hair in the '80's
3. I would like to take an international mission trip someday
4. My first car was a red Toyota pickup
5. I was a horrible student
6. I think nose rings are cute. I would love to have one, but never will.
7. I hate being cold. I don't like winter or any kind of winter outdoor activity


Jamie said...

Thanks for playing along. That was fun to see your random facts. My first car was a pickup too, mine was black though. And, I would love for you to go to Africa with me.

Beth said...

Oh the big hair... aren't you glad we came to our sense? Sign me up for the international mission trip with you and Jamie, wouldn't that be awesome. For now I am going to have to concentrate on missions closer to home though.

tricia said...

I think we should all go together on a trip to Africa!!! I have wanted to for some time now...Maybe we could tag along with Beth Moore...I know she has gone with Life Outreach(so has Kathy Tricolli??) It is definitely a dream of mine, and something I want to do before I die.

On the big hair, I still have mine some days...oh well...

Carol said...

Count me in for Africa AND the nose piercing!

Ginger said...

Thanks for all the fun facts, Jill! My first car was not really my own, but my folks let me use it...a 1969 Buick Stationwagon. I never really had a problems with boys :). When I got married, the car was lovingly passed down to my sister.