Friday, April 18, 2008

If your vision is for a year,
plant wheat
If your vision is for 10 years,
plant trees
If your vision is for a lifetime,
plant people.
Chinese Proverb

To continue with the last post of how I let satan sometimes get the best of me, God also continues to work in my heart. Sometimes I am sure He is saying 'Are you done yet? Great! now we can resume.'

Yesterday I received the book Saving Levi: Left to die, destined to live. I finished it this afternoon and oh, my what an amazing book. After reading this it makes me mad at myself for being so self centered. My circumstances are so temporary, and there are much bigger needs out in the real world. How does God want me to partner with Him? Hmmmm...I have a thought...

God is an amazing God that cares so much for each one of us. Even the least of these. Those considered of less worth. Just to give you a snipet, this boy, just a few weeks old at the time was left in a field in China with 70% of his body burned. he was left in burial clothes, certainly expected to die. But he did not. This story is amazing. Too watch how God moved mountains that included two countries is inspiring. He used regular ordinary people and also used those with lots of influence (celebrities, dignitaries, etc.).

John Bentley (the author's husband)is coming to town May 4th at Calvary Chapel in Kennewick for a Spaghetti Feed Fundraiser. You can read more about their ministry at Harmony Outreach. Consider coming and being moved for the cause of the orphan.


Christy said...

I loved that book! It is truly an amazing story of how the Lord moves to save the least of these. Christy

Cyndi said...

A friend handed me this book recently. This may be just the time for me to pick it up... thanks!