Monday, August 18, 2008

Why Blog Part 2

I first learned about blogging two years ago while we were waiting for the adoption referral of our daughter Ella. While I could not sleep at night I would read other families stories about how they journeyed through adoption. It was such an encouragement to me to read of these families who also loved the Lord and felt they were obeying God’s commands to care for the orphan in this way.

Blog hopping from the adoption blogs led me somehow to Kim @ Lifesong. She was the first non-adoption blog that I read daily. Her sweet spirit and love for the Lord inspired me to be a better wife and mom. From her I found many others that have been such jewels (Lisa Writes, Deo Volente, One Day More). Reading these womens' blogs were such an encouragement to my walk as a wife and mother. So in March 2007 I took the plunge and started my own blog. I was surprised at how scary it was. Who would read it? What if no one read it? This was my first post.

I will not bore you with more links to my daily reads since they are all listed on the side bar, but there are some others that I have found that even though I do not read every day, I still enjoy dropping in from time to time depending on what I am looking for.

Aroma of Joy - (I found Joy through Jamie)
Baby Bangs
Diary of a Stay at Home Mom - Lots of yummy recipes!
The Organizing Junkie - Lots of organizing helps
Bring the Rain - Most of you know about this one already, but she blesses my socks off

So there you go, those along with the ones in my side bar, they make blogging fun and worthwhile. I have a whole other list for homeschooling helps ;o)


Wendi said...

That is awesome how you could connect with others who were adopting through blogging. I think there are alot of blogs out there that are very inspiring and make you feel good.
I can't wait to check out the blogs you listed. Thanks for writing about about Why Blog it was great!

p.s. Sorry again for being late this morning.

Jill said...

I've loved the last two posts. They are so right on.
Since I'm new to blogging it's nice to read that a veteran like you is still enjoying it and have benefited so much from the experience.

Carol said...

Hey Jill, I kind of think of you like a dealer, I mean look at how many of us you have gotten addicted to blogging! ;)

Jim said...

Many of us are linking to other blogs to express a sense of relateness to others and understanding how they feel. With my blog, I am in control because this is mine since all postings are mine that I can discuss anything I feel like discussing and people can choose to read along or not. That's what great about blogging.

Now that I have read many blogs, I am learning that everyone get different benefits from blogging. We blog for various reasons and those reasons are good enough for us regardless. Most of us are sharing our wealth of experience in our blogs. Like I have three different blogs so I can discuss whatever I am in the mood for.