Monday, August 25, 2008

Back to basics

With the start of the school year I, like so many of you, are taking a look at what is working in my life and what is not. It is so funny to me that in the Spring I am ready for the 'laid back days of Summer' with relaxed schedules and fun filled adventure days and yet when Fall comes I am so needing to get back into a routine. I have been over to The Lyla Blog and she got me thinking about how to intentionally create sanctuary in my home. There are some things that I intentionally do, but with Summer I have let go.

*Create weekly menus - This Summer I have really let this go. Instead I have opted for the easy instead of what is best. I am committed to doing this every week. My family is so much better off when I do.

*Keep on schedule with cleaning routine. I have certain days that I clean or do housekeeping, for example; changing sheets on Monday. I have also let this go this Summer.

*Play peaceful music in the evenings. I try to play something soothing while I am fixing dinner. Although it may not be everyone's music of choice, including mine, it creates a peaceful atmosphere and calms. My favorite is an acoustic worship CD.

*Bake more. I think the smells of home cooking do wonders for everyone. It makes my hubby smile and the kids love it when there is something yummy to look forward to.

*Spend a few minutes everyday straightening things. This helps get rid of piles around the house. Don't wait until things pile up, tackle them right away. Especially junk mail.

*Light more candles. This goes right along with the music and baking in creating a mood.

*Limit blogging time and telephone time. During the school year I try to limit blog time to before the kids go to bed and after they are asleep as well as keep phone time to a minimum. This Summer it has been all over the place.

What do you do to create sanctuary for your family in your home.


Carol said...

Ahhh simplicity sounds like a beautiful thing! I already decided today that the computer time has got to be limited for me.... I may be in need of a 12 step program soon!

Sarah@Life in the Parsonage said...

Such good stuff that I SERIOUSLY needed tonight...copying your ideas ;)

Thanks Jill!

Lylah said...

LOVE, LOVE,LOVE this list - jill - thanks for stopping by the lylah blog.

Melissa @ The Inspired Room said...

Great post, Lylah sent me over! I love this topic! Living a balanced and authentic life is one of my favorite things to ponder and implement in my own life.


Kim said...

I need to work on the menus. It does help tremendously!

We have been cleaning much more regularly and I try not to leave the house to go anywhere with the house unkept.

I love the music!!! I have to fight to hear it but it really does calm my nerves and create such an atmosphere. I have memories of my mom playing music while she cooked and cleaned :)

It's so funny you mentioned the baking because I just started doing more of this and it really does tickle the whole family! Interestingly enough it hasn't posed too great of a problem on my issue with temptation and with my brood it's gone by morning time so I don't have to worry about leftovers!

Great reminders!

Jeanine said...

What a fabulous list! I, too, like candles, especially when I'm cooking dinner and settling in for the evening. I have started a menu, as well, although I do a monthly menu. Monday - Pasta/Italian, Tuesday - Chicken, Wednesday - Hot Dogs in summer and breakfast during the school year - Thursday - Tacos/Mexican, Friday - Pizza. Can get a little boring sometimes, but I try to throw something new in there once and a while. We also don't allow "work" on Sundays. I need to get better about limiting computer/TV time...for the kids and myself! Also, a routine for myself that I so enjoy is the process of making myself a cup of my fru-fru coffee in the mornings. I know it probably sounds silly, but it's just so much part of what gets me going in the mornings...and sometimes again in the afternoons...that I miss it if it doesn't happen.

Lori said...

you guys are wierd!!!!
If it needs cleaning I clean it...or not!!!
limit blogging????
no way!
limit phone time???
against my religion.
I do love to cook especially with good music in the background...uhhmmm...nice
sanctuary for us is just being together in harmony whether we are all doing our own thing or sitting together just chatting about politics or what God is doing in our lives or current events, etc.
I love our home.....

Beth said...

Great list, Jill. I am working on getting into more of a schedule with household chores. TV and computers are off limits, until the girls go to bed. I love the idea of more candles and soft music... something I forget to do these days.

Christy said...

I love those ideas! I want to try to make my home a more welcoming and peaceful place all the time. I think for us, just keeping the house clean, and toys picked up and put away makes things more calm and peaceful. I have some really great Bunt cake pans that I love to use, I need to start using them more often.

Jamie @ Purposeful Pursuit said...

Good stuff, Jill! I too love to have a menu all planned out and I have seriously let it go this summer. I am really feeling the need to get back into a routine. I think I'll use some of your ideas.

Leslie said...

Another great list. Who knew blogging could change my life? I have begun making better meals, baking more (funny how so many of us are...could be the cooler weather too.)and being more deliberate in caring for my husband. When we were married our Pastor encouraged me to make our home a sanctuary for my husband...great advice then and now. But it does have to be done deliberately. I giggle because you are one of the only other people I know who has a daily routine for cleaning & laundry etc. Most people look at me like I have 3 heads when I mention it.

Chrysanthemama said...

I've been working on my list too, thank you for sharing yours!