Friday, August 29, 2008

My 12 step program to simplify

OK, maybe at this point I only have 2 steps...

Ron and I have been having great conversation about where we want our family headed. We are trying to be very purposeful in raising our children, although there have been seasons (some lasting longer than others) that we seem to just be running through life doing what needs to be done and not being purposeful about God's best for our family. So we have decided to do some things different this year. For starters we have decided to pull the kids from the home school enrichment program that we have been involved with for the past 5 years. This gives us one extra day at home. Hopefully the result will be a less hurried school time at home with extra time to do lots of hands on fun stuff. It was so convicting to me to go Tuesday night to the open house and hear the teachers talk about all the fun things they were going to do like the art projects, making applesauce, and visiting community places like the police station. I thought to myself shouldn't I be doing those things with my kids. The program has been a good experience, but I don't know it is God's best for this time, thus the change. We are also opting to give up Awana. (I will not bore you with my Awana speech.) This will give me Sunday afternoon to get ready for the week ahead. I think these are both good changes to start with. Ron and I are also reading Family Driven Faith together at night as well as going through this series of videos.

On a little side note...
I went to dinner with a friend last night and bought this totally cute jacket. Originally $60 on sale for $9.99. Insert happy dance ;o) Won't this be so cute with a little thermal under it this fall?


kim said...

Oooooo, cute jacket & oooooooo how I do love a bargain! Great work!

I admire your intentional living. It is something that we have been attempting to be more proactive with around this house, although sometimes we run in survival mode, it would seem. I may have to pick up that book and James and I might just have a little reading to do. Sounds excellent! Thanks for another wonderful post!

Tricia said...

You are bold, no AWANA's! Good for you. I know this has been on your mind for sometime, so it's good for you to take the plunge.

You'll have to let us know how the book is. I often wonder if we're doing enough to show our kids (threw our lives) purpose. Purpose by God in everything. I would definitely like to improve in this area.

Demara said...

60 DOLLARS all the way down to 10 BUCKS?!?!?! Wow you got a steal of a deal hey? Good for you!

Awana? I was in that as a kid, it was a lot of fun but also very hard work!

I'm glad you're able to quit some things in order to make time for other maybe more important things now.

Kim said...

We seem to have much in common ;) the jacket!

Second....We gave up homeschool co-op as well for the very same reasons you listed.

Third...AWANAs (I'll save my speech too, but based on past similarities I betcha our reasons are closely related!)

Last...I can't wait to hear what you think about Voddie's book. I would like for us to read that as well. I know I agree with 99.9% of what he says. I wonder if he might throw the baby out with the baby water and so I am looking forward to your insight.

Blessings on your simple beginnings!

Lori said...

don't you love great conversations with your man?????
I dig it,too.
Jill, I'm so proud of the choices you are making for your family, they really reflect your heart... and it is a beautiful thing.
I know that your family will be blessed.
I'm off to paint!!!!
have fun

Carol said...

Good for you and Ron! I admire you guys so much. It really warms my heart to see parents always reassessing and willing to tweak things in the best interest of their family… All, of course, in order to glorify God. Whooo Hooo! =)

Jamie @ Purposeful Pursuit said...

I'm impressed with your desire to be intentional about going after God's best for your family.

I, my friend, am in need of a 12 step program myself! When you come up with the rest of the steps please make sure you pass them on.

Jamie @ Purposeful Pursuit said...

Oh forgot to say...I think the jacket is way cute!


I'm loving your blog Jill!! That jacket is sooo cute!! Hope you are having a great weekend!!

Wendi said...

I really like this post because we are kinda going through the same stuff, I think family time is so important. Not only family time but quality family time. Especially when they are getting older and it gets harder to go around everyones schedules.
So ok when are you gonna wear the jacket so I can see it on! It looks so cute and 10 bucks you can't go wrong. I'm going shopping with you next time.