Friday, August 15, 2008


With my previous rambling thoughts on the new school year and all that comes with it, I came across these two timely posts.

RachelAnne @ Home Sanctuary has some great thoughts on how to really take control of your family's schedule. I give a loud AMEN SISTER to everything she says. This is so very hard to implement, but so necessary to do.

Girl Talk has been doing a series of posts on home making. If you are not a regular reader of these gals I encourage you to stop over. The Mahaney women are solid biblical gals. I have read Carolyn's books Feminine Appeal, and Shopping for Time. I have also read a couple of her husband CJ's books and would recommend any of them.

I have a thought rolling around in my head for a post on Monday that I am going to title 'Why Blog?'. I am sure that you can hardly wait to hear what I have to say. Sitting there on the edge of your seat. I would really like y'all to stop by and share your thoughts on this little post. It would make me ever so happy ;o)


Sarah@Life in the Parsonage said...

Monday: It's a date. ;)

Wendi said...

Hey I noticed your ticker moved, I don't remember what it was at before? how much did you lose? Good job!
I'll have to check in on monday for the WHY BLOG post, this should be interesting.

Kim said...

I have actually had the "why blog?" question posed to me several times. I am looking forward to yours post! (no, really)

I actually had a lady at the pool the other day (who had no idea that I blogged) say something like, "who has time for that nonsense?"


But I restrained myself and came home and nearly wrote a blog post about it ;)