Sunday, August 31, 2008

Home Improvement (lol)

Do you remember this?

Now it is this! Yea! It only took 3 months, but the hole is fixed.

Several months ago I posted about how I needed to see tangible change, and I listed things I wanted to accomplish over the summer. One of the things was new wall paper in my bathroom.
Now I have this...

We are down to the studs. The vanity comes out next weekend and hopefully we can get a new floor in then.

This was the order of the destruction.
Rip out old wall paper.
Identify mold under wallpaper and the need for a new window.
Identify need for new counter top.
Try to remove counter top...ruin cabinet.
Identify need for new vanity and counter top.
Take out old paneling and discover bad electrical wiring.
Rewire bathroom.
I don't know what happened today...all I know is we are down to studs. Oh, my.
Will it ever end?

Praise Jesus that my dad works at Lowe's Home Improvement and keeps an eye out for great deals.

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Jamie @ Purposeful Pursuit said...

Glad the hole is fixed! Can't wait to see the after pics of the bathroom.