Monday, December 29, 2008

Living Rich for Less

Here it is January 1, 2009! People all over the world are making assessments of their lives. How do they want 2009 to be different from 2008. How do they want to better themselves.
*Loose weight?
*Read the Bible through in a year?
*Have a daily quiet time with the Lord?
*Improve some character flaw?
*Eat healthier?
*Live greener?
*Consume less?
*Charge less?
*Pay down debt?
I have read a lot of diet and excersise books, more than I care to admit. They all have the same basic premise, Eat Less. Move More. If you follow those simple rules you will loose weight. There are lots of different combinations of food and movement that you can use to help you attain your goal. Weight Watchers, Slim Fast, The Zone, Curves, Nutisystem, The Biggest Loser Club, Prism, aeobics, biking, walking, running, pilates, yoga, swimming, eliptical...the list can go on and on. The key is finding one that you can live with to help you attain your goal. What works for you may not work for me. If you can't find something that you can live with, you will fail.

Welcome to the Living Rich for Less blog tour!
I just finished this book by Ellie Kay. Ellie Kay has lots of tips to help you succeed in creating a rich lifestyle. The principals in her book apply to the average american household making $48,000 per year.

So what did I learn reading this book? Our finances are not as bad as I thought, but they still need a diet and excersise workout.

I have been encouraged to really work on my grocery budget this year and to learn how to use coupons (Jamie, I might need a personal tutoring session) and to make our savings account a priority (we have really let this go).

Just like trying to loose weight, to change our finances is going to take work and sacrifice. Argh. Not looking forward to that. But I am looking forward to some financial freedom in the future. By our estimates it will take probably three years to attain the kind of freedom we want...just in time for Emma to start college.


Jamie @ Purposeful Pursuit said...

There will be big changes at my house in regards to finances this year. I'm even considering doing a new blog with my financial diaries so you can follow along if you like.

I'm up for the coupon tutoring session, although I still have lots to learn myself.

I would love to hear about things that work well or don't work so well for you.

Leslie said...

I could certainly have less food more movement, less spending more saving, less self more God. I'm seeing a trend here. Thanks for spuring some thoughts that I need to spend some time pondering.

Lori said...

good thoughts, good thoughts...
I like what Leslie said...less self, more God.
That's my goal.
3 years????
Are you sure????