Saturday, January 3, 2009

Saturday Status Report front of the computer, too much lately

Drinking...Vanilla Coffee

Enjoying...Watching Eden (10) and her friend enjoy the last bits of the snow do something creative; paint, sew, knit, something. Maybe I will settle for coloring with Ella (2)

Reading...Still working on 'The Uncommon Woman' I have so enjoyed this book,every time I pick it up God speaks.

Looking forward hubby and the two older kids coming home from the winter retreat

Obsessed...with watching Jon & Kate Plus Eight. It makes my life seems so do-able.

Thinking...I should be preparing for starting school again this week.

Happy...I did the grocery shopping last night


Carol said...

Jon and Kate plus eight is so good! Hope you had a great day, looks like from the pics on face book that your skiing clan had a fabulous time! ;)

Jamie @ Purposeful Pursuit said...

If you are wanting to do something creative like painting, you could come do it at my house. I have a couple rooms I would like painted and I NEVER get the urge to do something creative.

Grocery shopping is not my favorite thing to do, so I'm always happy to have that done as well. Do you grocery shop every week?

kim said...

I love these status updates. Perhaps it's time I do one again.
I love Jon and Kate Plus 8! It's TIVO'd here and I love to enjoy their mishaps and happening.

Wendi said...

ok what is jon and kate plus 8? i've never heard of it???

Lori said...

I am feeling creative, too.
I have been wanting to plan a winter garden and plant some indoor herbs.
good idea, Jill.


Eva said...
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