Thursday, December 4, 2008

The Christmas Budget

I don't know about you, but the budget is a little tight at our house. We are making adjustments to both what is coming in and going out. With Christmas right around the corner I am wondering if any of my bloggy friends have money saving tips? How are you spending money this Christmas? How are you pinching your pennies? What are you spending $ on and what are you giving up this year, if anything? I am curious on your Christmas spending perspectives ;o)

Although we know that God holds our future and that we should not be fearful, I think He also wants us to be wise about planning for the future. I want to be wise in 2009. Maybe that means I will have to start reading Dave Ramsey, who knows.


Wendi said...

We too are on a budget for Christmas. what I do is sell things for extra money during the holidays online. It adds alot of extra work but it is sure worth it.
Not only do I have Christmas to worry about but also ty's bday is on Christmas eve and Dominique is right after Christmas in January, so I get triple wammied.
What is getting us right now is the groceries. It seems like that has gone up by two times from a few months ago. I wish I was good at the whole coupon thing but I just want to take the time to do it.

Jamie @ Purposeful Pursuit said...

My husband and I just talked about reading a Dave Ramsey book this moring. I think we'll be going Dave Ramsey for 2009. Our daughter, Rachel, lives that way and we are so impressed with her!

I've been doing the coupon thing and Walgreen's shopping. It takes some extra time and effort but I have found it to be rewarding. Just this week at Walgreens my total before coupons was $56, after coupons I paid $24, then I got $16 in register rewards to use on a upcoming purchase.

The area I have been able to save the most money is on body products like shampoo and stuff. But I am using coupons for food stuff as well.

I'm with Wendi...just before Christmas is Tori's birthday and just after is Jared's. They are big numbers this year...16 and 18. And I feel like those big numbers need to be special celebrations and special celebrations always seem to mean $$$.

Lori said...

The biggest thing that we do for extra $(since we refuse to use credit cards for Christmas) is to file an extension opn our mortgage payment which frees up a wad of dough without going into debt.
That and the extra $ saved from the lower gas prices(thank you Jesus) has made, for us, a less stressful time financially.

Jeanine said...

One thing I do to save money is by grocery on-line through our grocery delivery service and through our milk man (yes...we have a milk man). It certainly stops any impulse buying and when I'm plugging in my needed groceries there is a running total so I can better keep track of how much I'm spending. That's not really a holiday spending tip, but it's an on-going tip that we use throughout the year.