Thursday, December 11, 2008

Just in case I was bored

Along with the usual busyness that this time of year brings I have also found myself with a little part time job. After much talk, prayer, thought, prayer, talk, planning and such Ron and I came to the decision that it would be good for me to work a little. Things like the economy, our large family, and some not so wise decisions have led us to this point, so I go to work. And really if I have to go to work, it couldn't be any more ideal than this. I went back to work in the same preschool that I taught at several years ago when Emma was just heading into elementary school. The hours are perfect and very predictable, except for the occasional snow day. And I really do love working with preschool kids. I am hoping that with the Christmas break right around the corner I can get a good handle on the kid's schedule while I am gone in the mornings (just 3 days a week) to where hopefully the new year will start off smoothly.

It has made me realize how very blessed I am to have so much time with my kids. I love them so much and am so blessed to be their mommy and teacher. God is good in providing just what we need in a way that still honors Him and my commitment to my family. What a perfect reminder at this special time of year that God is the giver of all good gifts! ;o)

**Thank you Emma for another lovely blog layout. Your the best!


Kim said...

Blessings while you made adjustments. Sometimes I do even better when my schedule is a bit tighter and more structured ;)

Wendi said...

I am glad that you found something that really fit your schedule. That is a blessing.
I remember I worked for a bit and it was steve would come home from work then i would go to work. I really hated it but it was the only soulution we could manage at the time. I too am thankful for being able to be with the kids for the last 8 years. God is good.

Kelly said...

It's amazing how God is our great Provider. He will provide all you need as mom, teacher, and wife to complete what he's given you. God is good. Have a great time with those little people. You'll be a blessing at the preschool.

Lori said...

Love the new layout!!!
It's "chaqua".
I am glad that God has provided a "not too painful" way of helping with the family finances.
What a super-mom you are.....


Jamie @ Purposeful Pursuit said...

Yes, God is so good! Seems like this will be a good fit. I'll be praying for a smoothe transistion for you...making adjustments to schedules can be tricky at times.

And, I love the new blog look. Great job Emma!