Monday, August 27, 2007

Was it really 5 am?

Ok, so day one and I already failed. Baby woke at 4:50, I am sure that the Lord stirred her so I would get my hiney out of bed. I don't know about you but 5:00 seems early enough, but when I look at the clock and there is still a 4 at the begining...well, that is just rediculous! So hubby when to check on the Empress and I went back to sleep til 6:30. The Empress woke again at 7:30 so I still had a good hour of quietness, but to think it could have been 2 1/2 hours!! I will persevere to the prize!

I have not done this for awhile and am late this week, but here goes...

Monday: Chicken Fajitas (Costco Rotisere) and watermelon
Tuesday: Salmon and green salad
Wednesday: Church dinner
Thursday: Grilled Thia Chicken and veggies
Friday: Hamburgers on the barbie with melon

Have a tasty week!

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Tracy said...

We are starting a youth group this year (I saw that your husband must do this also?) We decided to make it different and it will have a very service/others oriented focus. (of course the CENTER focus will be Christ!) It will be interesting as we haven't had youth group for a few years, but suddenly our little church has a bunch of youth group age kids! We are really excited about this.

...and yes, 5am DOES come early! I do about 5:45 and have until about 7:00 (no one can get out of bed until then...I know it is different with a baby!) It is my favorite time of the day.