Friday, August 31, 2007

The Gift

Last weekend a neighbor had a yard sale. Eli (10) came home so excited. He had bought me a gift at the yard sale.

'Mom, if I give you your birthday gift, will you make me something?"

My birthday is at the end of next month.

"If you give me the gift, you want me to make you something with it?"

"Yea, it is so cool."

So I open the said birthday gift that the boy has spent a whole $5.00 for. This is a big deal since he and the other two younger sisters brought home lots of junk, I mean stuff that the kind neighbors gave them for free. This was the gift.

A Juicer. A Jack La Lanne Power Juicer.

So I read all the instructions and find that it will take 5 apples to make one glass of juice. But I can use the pulp for cooking as long as I use it in three hours. Not! Hubby thinks this is a great thing til I point out to him how much a gallon of juice is at Wal-Mart and that our budget does not allow us to eat organically or juice our own stuff. Unless they want to use the carrots and cukes from our own garden. They say 'yuck' and we decide that maybe this is not for our family.

So son says what do we do with this juicer. And we (and I mean me) put it on to sell. With in hours it sold for $70! He has decided that he is going to buy a ipod Shuffle and if there is anything left something for me for my birthday. Wait a minute, wasn't it my birthday gift? I am trying to decided if I should be offended.


Kim said... funny! It was a thoughtful gift!

Tracy said...

70 bucks...that's awesome! He's going to need to open an account on e-bay soon! :) I once had a was a good idea, but kind of a pain. Cute that he thought of you though!

Danni said...

LOVE this story...!!!