Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Day 3

Day 3 on my commitment to meet with the Lord in the wee dark hour of the morning and we had success. It is all the Lord's doing and not my own. The Empress awoke again this morning before 5:00, it think it was like 4:52. Hubby had already left to meet with his men's accountability group and I staggered out of bed to greet the little darlin'. She went back to sleep after about 10 minutes. I went back to my room because my alarm had gone off and was playing music, turned it off and contimplated crawling back in. But my conscience, I mean the Spirit, spoke to my heart and said, 'Come on...I woke you let's go meet for coffee'. So we did.

How awesome it is and how much I take it for granted that the Lord pursues me. He has other things to attend to, others that are more eager to meet with Him, others that are more faithful, others that are more holy, others that are less sinful. And yet He pursues me. For three mornings in a row the God of the universe has pursued me and woke me to spend time with me. No words of prophecy has He given. No words of revelation. Just a sweet time of fellowship. Me and Him. Him and me. Why am I not more in awe? Why do I not pursue Him automatically in the wee hours? Why do I long to go back to bed? I frusterate myself. Thank you Jesus for your patience and unfailing love and pursuit.


Rachel Anne said...

This is just so beautifully put. Perfect.

Kim said...

How wonderful that you are doing this! I was getting up at 5:30 until I had my allergic reaction this week. I have been trying to sleep as much as possible and my big girls have been taking care of breakfast. I know I can not push myself right now. I'm hoping to get back to it soon! I have missed that precious time with the Lord.

I am feeling better today! I think the 2nd shot and a different antihistamine has helped. I'm praying that I continue to get well. This has been an ordeal. Thanks so much for your prayers.

Kim said...

I love this time of day.

I haven't seen in a-hundred moons, but I'll see it again very soon :)

Babies are good at bringing about all sorts of self-denial and focus on Him, aren't they?

Kimmie said...

How wonderful, I am glad to hear that He is calling to you in the still of the night, as the morning breaks into day. I pray that He speaks clearly and that you are richly blessed indeed!

mama to 6
one homemade and 5 adopted