Saturday, August 18, 2007

Simply Compicated

I picked up a new magazine at the grocery store the other day. It is called
Homegrown Hospitality
and it is very cute and full of clever homemaking ideas for family and friends.

The editor of the magazine calls her life 'Simply Complicated'. I love that. It so describes how I live.

For example...
I am a mom - simple
I have 5 kids - complicated

I homeschool - simple
again, 4 kids of different ages, learning styles and abilities - complicated

I go to church - simple
My husband is on staff - complicated

I have friends - simple
We are not all like minded - complicated

The list goes on and on... but what I realize is that what makes my life complicated is relationships. I get so caught up in wanting to check things off my to-do list. To be able to accomplish what I need to in a timely manner. But the relationships in my life interrupt that. Some days barely anything gets checked off and it is all because of people interruptions.

And I think that is exactly how God has planned it. God allows the people in my life to interrupt me to keep me on His track, not mine. The relationships remind me to think of and serve others first. Sometimes only because they demand to be dealt with immediately. If they did not demand my attention I would and could easily put them off til a more convenient for me time. So I am thankful for people interruptions in my life for without them I would be more selfish with my time and self centered in my actions than I already am. Oh, goodness...that would be ugly.

Gotta go...I am being interrupted. ;o)

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