Thursday, February 5, 2009

Thursdays thoughts

This week has flown by. I can't believe it is already Thursday, February 5th! We celebrated Eden turning 11 yesterday (and will continue celebrating through the weekend because one day is just not enough) and getting ready for the baby to turn 3 on February 10. Add in the sniffles, some coughing, work and school and we have had a busy week. Are you as ready as I am to see the sun shine and the weather warm up?

I am taking this fabulous bible study that I can not recommend enough. It has been a wonderful opportunity to pour some water on this dry and thirsty land. It has been a really long time since I have done a bible study that is this powerful. Never have I related so much to the complaining children of Israel. I have seen a painfully close resemblance to myself in their whining and ungratefulness. Who wants to be around a whiner? Not me. In fact I usually try to avoid them. I would much rather be considered thankful. Real to life's struggles, but thankful.

Here's a little sample:

If we choose complaining as our lifestyle, we can be absolutely sure that we will be sent to live in the wilderness.

All the grace and strength you need to experience joy and victory are available to you; but by choosing to complain, by clinging to the idol of a perfect life, you are flushing away the grace of God.

Your complaining is totally self-centered rather than other-centered.

They let the things they taste, touch, smell and feel dictate the priorities of their lives. (Israelites)

God sees our complaining as an insult to His provision

God's fullness comes to those who turn from complaining and embrace thankfulness as the focus of their thought life.

Emotions make a great caboose but a terrible engine.

Emotions are untrustworthy and should not determine your choice of attitude.

We dishonor God with anything less than gratitude.
I am so enjoying this study! Yes, it is very convicting. But not in a negative way. To me it is so exciting to see God revealing things I need to change in my life, and to see scripture through another lens. To know that He is not done with me and that He is patient to still be working on my heart. What an awesome God we have that loves us so much. I still have so much to learn.


Tricia said...

Great post! So convicting isn't it? Just gets better and better!

I am sooooo ready for the weather to warm up! My hands have been freezing for weeks now, but I am thankful it's just cold and not stormy or in the negative temps. :)

Wendi said...

Sounds like a great study. I am glad you found a good one.

Too bad your not going to the game!! you still have time to go. LOL

Carol said...

Sounds like a really neat Bible Study, I look forward to hearing more about it. ;)

Mel said...

OK, I love the emotions being the caboose...that's right where they belong! Hey, come see me after you drop off the girls...I'll be takin' care of fishies before I leave. I have been so frustrated with my computer, I missed your assignment of the my letter. Got it!

Jamie @ Purposeful Pursuit said...

Excellent post, Jill! Sounds like a great I'm sure I could benefit from.