Friday, February 20, 2009

Hair...why do I think about it so much?

I want a new haircut. Something fun, a little funky, sassy, and sensible. And...I want to look like her.


But this is my favorite...(She is a real person that I virtually know)

Is that asking too much?
That's all I got. Real deep today, I know.


Carol said...

All of those cuts are adorable and would look even cuter if they were on you! You always look so SASSY!!! Just be glad that your hair touching the roof of the car no longer constitutes a "good hair day"! ;)

mholgate said...

Three great choices! Now if only my DH wouldn't freak out if I cut my hair above my shoulders!

Something about a new haircut that's "good for what ails ya."

Have a blessed weekend!

Crazy Lady Cheryl said...

Cute styles - I agree - Rachel Anne has some great hair! Your own picture is in a really cute style. You'll have to let us know if you make a change. Have a nice weekend!

Naomi said...

I agree Rachel Anne has great hair.
I just revamped my hair this week, new cut and colour, it's funny how it boosts my mood.
Have a great weekend!

Rachel Anne said...

I nearly fell off my chair when I scrolled down and saw my picture!


You are too funny. And now that I see that photo I realize that I'm missing my "shorter" hair....I'm in a hair conundrum myself: to grow or not to grow it! Maybe this is a sign?

I wish I had the courage to go as short as your awesome cut! I almost picked up a hairstyle magazine at the grocery store today, what a sad statement. Want to start a support group?

The Bayou Belles and Their Beau said...

We all think about it too much. Seriously.