Monday, October 6, 2008

Blogkeeping, fitness, and menus, and trivia

This blog looks a little like my house, needing some housekeeping ;o)

I updated the miles walked...yea! Over 200 miles! Thanks again to Wendi for being my faithful walking buddy. A couple weeks ago Wendi was sick with Strep. I could have walked by myself, but I didn't. I also updated the weight ticker, yep, gained back that wonderful pound that took three weeks to lose. Oh, well. I am trying to be good this week because I am planning on not being so good this coming weekend. Is that premeditated sin?

I am thrilled to only be planning three dinners this week. I am heading out of town on Thursday with friends and can hardly wait for the fun to begin. It will be a great time of catching up quality girl time.

Monday: White Chicken Chili -YUM! I got this recipe last year from Katherine @ Raising Five! Love, love, love it!
Tuesday: Broccoli Quiche - Have been trying to get this made for the past two weeks now. Tuesday is the day!
Wednesday: Church dinner, pork roast
Thursday: Fall Harvest Chowder -I can throw this in the crock pot before I leave town and leave the family with something over the weekend. Besides it smells great, and will remind them all how much I love them.

I have pre-made dinners for my family when I leave before, but they never seem to eat them. So I am not going to hassle with it. I am sure everyone will eat. There is lots of food in the cupboards.

I made a couple loaves of Pear Bread this morning. It smells so good, just like fall.

I recieved this from my mom-in-law this morning. Any guesses??? ;o)

Who Am I?

I am 42 years old,

I love the outdoors,

I hunt,

I am a Republican reformer,

I have taken on the Republican Party establishment,

I have five children,

I have a spot on the national ticket as vice president with less than two years in the governor's office.

Did you guess? I will tell you tomorrow.


mholgate said...

Jill, can I ask you a question? Did you ever just have one of those days where EVERYTHING seemed to go wrong and you just want to sit down in one place and barely breathe for fear of another unfortunate thing happening? What do you do on those days to survive?

Wendi said...

Jill, you guys are gonna have a great time, sorry I wish I was going. Maybe next time.

Wow over 200 miles!! Awesome!!

By the way you never told me where you got the 4.00 skirt that was so cute.

See you bright and early tomorrow morning.

Aminta said...

LOL, premeditated SIN? If you call being bad aobut your fun food intake a SIN, then YEAH! lol
Anyways, love how honest you are. Thank you for that. I truly enjoy geniune people and when you find one, you treasure it.
HAVE fun this week-end!

Jamie @ Purposeful Pursuit said...

I am seriously impressed with your walking! Over 200 miles way to go!

Looking forward to Thursday!!!