Monday, September 15, 2008

Monday Menus & jewels

What is up with the weather? I am wanting to use my crock pot, but the weather man says to expect temps in the 90s. It is the middle of September. Isn't it supposed to be in the 70s and 80s?

Monday: Chicken salad on croissants
Tuesday: Oriental chicken salad
Wednesday: Church dinner
Thursday: Quiche and salad
Friday: Fajitas
Head on over to Laura's for more menu ideas.

This morning in my time with the Lord He reaffirmed the importance of being with Him.
In Proverbs 31 one quality towers head and shoulders above the rest. One quality makes her value "more precious than jewels" and that is her spiritual life. Proverbs 31:30 says 'Charm is deceptive and beauty is fleeting; but a woman who fears the Lord is to be praised'. another version says 'worshipfully fears the Lord'.
In other words she worshiped God and put Him at the top of her priority list.

I don't want God to be just one of my priorities, I want Him to be THE top priority.

Have a great Monday!


Rachel Anne said...

I like the "jewel" at the end of the menu! Great thoughts. Every time I look in the mirror I am reminded that beauty is fleeting. Edging toward mid 40's is um, a little depressing, but really brings home your scripture for today. I want to be a worshipper, too. And have the kind of Prov. 31 character that is praised. Oh, so far to go....but thank you for the reminder!

kim said...

Welcome back!
Come on over, the weather's autumn here and I've the crockpot on.
I love your scripture reminder. I too have been enjoying Proverbs 31 lately, but in particular God's been reminding me of verse 26, which in the New Living Translation says "When she speaks, her words are wise, and she gives instruction with kindness".
May my priority be the Lord and my words be given with kindness. Thanks for another great post.

Leslie said...

Thanks for the new insight on Prov. 31. I have always admired her for what she does and completely bypassed the fact that it is her relationship with her Father that is praised! A great example of being a balanced Mary/Martha...I feel very lopsided more often than not.

Jamie @ Purposeful Pursuit said...

I know it's like 90 degrees outside but I am using my crock pot anyway!

I want Him to be my top priority too!

Kim said...

I love Oriental chicken salad! I think I might be the only one in this house, thought :(

I hear ya on the weather. It was HOT here yesterday. I am itching for some signs of fall.

I would love to hear about your take on Voddie's book when you get a chance ;)