Sunday, September 7, 2008

Home Sanctuary

From the number of comments that I have received, both on and offline, we all want our homes to be a place of simplicity and sanctuary. Take a look at Websters definitions:

Sanctuary: 1. A holy or sacred place, esp. one devoted tot he worship of a deity. 2. The most sacred part of a place in a sacred structure; esp. the part of a church where the principal altar is situated. 3. A place of refuge: a wildlife sanctuary. 4. Immunity from the law or punishment.

Simplicity: the state of being simple; freedom from complexity or difficulty. 2. Freedom from ornament or ostentation.

That sounds so wonderful doesn't it. But there is a little fact that makes this so hard. Our lives are complex and difficult. So how do we create simplicity and sanctuary in the middle of complexity and difficulty? I think this looks different to each family. What may be simple to my family may be crazy complicated to yours and vice versa.

If you have not already met Rachel Anne @ Home Sanctuary head over and be blessed. Mon - Fri she posts a little thing for you to do to create sanctuary in your home. She even makes it fun by giving you points each day. Keep track of your points and you will have a chance to win a great prize at the end of the month. How fun is that? When I follow along with Rachel Anne I always feel like at least once a day I have done something to create a little sanctuary.


Jamie @ Purposeful Pursuit said... it really achievable??? I'm not currently doing a very good job at achieving simplicity. I'm definitely going to work on it though!

kim said...

Love the comment on the side with your mileage tally. Way to go - you've been walking tons. And don't you just love those husbands and their "I wasn't even trying to take off all those pounds" comments. Crazy boys! Crazy boys!

Christy said...

It's funny, but in my efforts to make my life more simple, I have ended up making it more complicated!! Hopfully after I make the changes I want to make it will be lots better. :)

Leslie said...

I went to the HOMESANCTUARY blog and got distracted reading about her donkey who impregnated the neighbor's mare. I about peed my pants it was so funny. I am going to use her ideas and point system...I love rewards. Thanks for sending me there. BTW men & their ability to lose or not gain weight make me crazy!