Tuesday, June 3, 2008

OK So I have checked on all your blogs and it seems many of you are suffering from writer's block so I suggest a little something to get y'all typing again. (I don't know why I was feeling guilty for being away ;o)

Sitting: At the computer desk
Suffering Not much at all in the grand scheme...
Pondering: High School choices for the daughter
Feeling: Excited for vacation
Seeking God's will on mission opportunities.
Wondering: If warm weather is on the way.
Loving: That school is done and summer is here!
Reading: The Shack

This came from Lisa Writes. I love her blog.


Sarah@Life in the Parsonage said...

Great idea! Glad you're back :)

Jamie said...

I really like this idea too! Maybe you were feeling guilty about being away because you knew I would be constantly be checking your blog and you didn't want to disappoint me by not having any new posts:)

Lisa writes... said...

Hey girl...thanks for the shout out! I am still suffering from blogger block--every word I write feels forced! Surely this will pass and soon!

By the way, I totally get the "Pondering high school"--my number one won will be in high school next year and I know much pondering will be in our future!

Blessings, Lisa