Monday, June 9, 2008


Carol said...

I guess if we can't have pictures of the hole in your stairwell, this one will do. You were such an example to all of us ladies on how to handle a potentially VERY STRESSFUL situation. Your laughter set the tone for everyone and we all had such a good time! Well maybe not the men, but by the end they were laughing too. And best of all Ron knew he was blessed with a loving wife who thinks he is a ROCK STAR, no matter how much he tore up one of the only spots in your house that is...was...actually finished! =)

Have a great vacation my proverbs 31 friend and I will see you in a couple weeks...

PS, I know you don't have the whole proverbs 31 thing down yet, but I'm JUSAYIN!

Tracy said...

Thanks for your visit and for the encouraging comment! Nothing would thrill my heart more than to hear that you picked up that study! It is amazing! So nice to "meet" you! = ) Your blog is lovely! Just the little bit I've read tells me I like the way you think! Can't wait to stop back when I have more time to read and explore. = )

Tracy = )

Tracy said...

I just re-read my comment (above) and realize it sounds like I've had a few too many diet cokes today (I have)...sorry. I'm not nearly as hyper as I sound in that comment (although I have been known to overuse exclamation points), but I suspect you may have already figured that out! ; )