Friday, March 30, 2007

Life as a Vapor

Here is to checking one book off my reading list for the Spring Reading Thing! Yahoo! Not just yahoo to a check-off but yahoo to a great read.

I bought this book last fall. We were in the adoption process and I read an article about Steven Curtis Chapman in the CCM magazine that told how this book was life impacting. It had great influence on the 'All Things New' CD. At the time I was so eager to meet our daughter from China and wanting to connect with anything and anyone in my situation, I got the book.

So, I started the book in mid November. We traveled to China the begining of December and here it is the end of March and I am finishing this 31 day devotional. Now before you get all excited, I didn't stop meeting with the Lord all that time, just John Piper in his book.

This is a great book/devotional to keep your focus on the Lord. To gain perspective on what is really important in life. When I started this book my focus was on getting to China. God had called us to adopt this precious child and I could not wait to get my hands on her. As I finished this book I kept thinking of my sister-in-law who is battling cancer. Hope for her beating this cancer is not looking very good. She is an amazingly beautiful woman physically. One of the kind that make you stare in awe. But she is plastic, in all ways. From head to toe you see what she wants you to see, an image that she has created, unflawed to the eye. She is not a believer nor does she desire that. We had a family picture done today with my husbands family. As I looked at her, tan body, perfect hair, makeup and clothes, my heart aches for her salvation. Her life is a vapor and she doesn't realize it. I have found myself coveting her lifestyle over the past 15 years that I have been married. They live a very extravegant lifestyle. But for what? At this point there is nothing of substance. Nothing that will last into eternity. I am so sad and burdened for her.

My life is a vapor too. I have no idea how long I will be here, neither do you. Some vapors are long, some short. I want my life to amount to something for God. That may be being the best mom and wife I can be or it may mean something else in addition. The point is to stay in line with God's will for my life. Be obedient in all things and remember this life is not the prize.

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Rabbit said...

If I teach nothing else to my children, I'll have succeeded if they understand that what's important is the eternal stuff. The rest is just decoration. Your description of your SIL reminds me of my own sister, without a cancer battle, but just as tied to the things of this world, and just as grievous to me. Wise, wise post.