Wednesday, March 28, 2007


This world of blogging is amazing. I find myself thinking throughout the day 'Oh, that would make a good post'. The fact is I enjoy reading other blogs more than posting myself. I don't even remember how I first found this cyberworld. The first blog that I regularly looked at was Lifesong. I found myself eager to read Kim's posts each day. I started to read some of the blogs on her blogroll like Lisa Writes, The Hutch, A Spacious Place, and This One's for the Girls. It is so encouraging to me to hear the thoughts of women striving to lead godly lives and be and excellent example to their families and the rest of the world. It is interesting to me that you can almost hear their voices in their posts. My husband laughed at me when I came to him and said "There is this whole other world out there...did you know?" He being the computer whiz that he is did, but not so interested.

The original blogs have lead me to others and so on. The personalities are as many as bloggers. Sarcastic, pure, humble, boastful, funny, serious. Some have thoughts just like mine (which is always comforting). Some have caused me to evaluate what I believe and why. Some have caused me to dig into the scriptures and find a truth for myself. Some I agree with, some others not so much. Some of these women are theologians themselve and way too deep for my simple thoughts. Some posts I have gone back to several times because it was such an encouragement.

Only God know how far this will go for me. I want to fully live my life and be present for my kids. I can see where this could get adictive and become a not so good habit. I have also had to check myself coveting the 'pretty' blogs and saying to myself, 'I want one of those.' I am sure that jealosy is still a sin even if it is over blog pages.

God truly is in the world of blogging. Thanks to those who have encouraged me and spurred me on. This is like having girlfriends to have coffee with whenever my schedule allows. A place to hear a complete thought and the comments of others. I am loving this new place of conversation. I pray that I can someday be the same encouragement and a enjoyable place to visit.


Jennifer said...

This was really well-said (I linked over here from the reading challenge). I am celebrating my one year bloggiversary today!

I agree that everything you said is so true--it IS a wonderful place of encouragement, and for me it's a place to refine my writing, but it can be a problem if it's not watched over.

Kim said...

Hi, Jill! What a sweet soul you are! Blogging time for me has to be when the little ones are sleeping...I understand about the priorities and keeping everything in check! Something we all need to be aware of.(and guarding)

Thanks for your mention of amazes me that you want to read what I write about!!! Thank you for the encouragement!!!

It is so good to *meet* you!


Kim said...

I came back and read this post are very wise. I appreciate your honesty...It spurs me to guard my thoughts and time.

Do you have a place where I can read about your family and adoption process?


Kim said...

I'm so sorry to be leaving so many comments here!!! But, I wanted to let you know I found your China website. I had it under another post and I found it! yeah!!!

Your baby girl is so beautiful! I can't wait to have some time tonight to read about your China adventure! You are so blessed! Did you happen to take your children? We are probably gong to take I would love advice.


Kelly said...

Hi Jill, So glad to left a comment and I "discovered" you. You have great perspective in this post. I am glad you have enjoyed visiting "A Spacious Place"--I look forward to visiting you in the future!

In Christ, Kelly

Lisa writes... said...

Hey girl,
Welcome to the great big blog world! It feels a little funny to welcome you, as I still feel like such a "newbie" myself--and certainly techno-stupid enough to still deserve the title! I share your wonder at the whole new world I've discovered by merely clicking and reading, and boy, has God used this incredible technology to challenge and inspire me. Is He amazing or what?

Thanks for stopping by and commenting. I look forward to reading more of your posts in the future!


Rabbit said...

Hi Jill! Thanks for the link and kind words. It is indeed a big bloggity world out there, and it can suck me in if I don't guard my time and energy. But I've also found great encouragement and fellowship! Nice to meet you, i'll be back!