Monday, March 1, 2010

Fabulous Forty update

Like Jamie I can hardly believe that February is over. I heard a quote this weekend that said 'the days go slow and the years go fast' but I think the days are going fast too. I spent much of February just trying to keep up with all that needed to be done. For a girl that likes to be one step ahead it was not fun. March looks to be another very busy month. The calendar is already filling up with dates to remember, meetings to attend, retreats to plan, and deadlines to meet. There is one weekend in the middle of the month the we have a little get-away planned and I am hoping to do a little reflecting on the busyness of life and see if there are some things that should be eliminated for the sake of sanity. When it is all 'good' things that need to be done it is difficult to chose the least of the good.

Here are the things I did manage to get checked off my list in February.
*Make Eden's birthday special. Eden turned 12 and had a friend sleepover. Decorations, invitations, pizza, games, movies. Whew...

*Make Ella's birthday special. Thank goodness Ella turned 4 and a simple little morning tea party with one little friend was enough to make the day special.

*Dinner with girlfriends. We even tried a new restaurant!

*I am continuing to read through the New Testament, but I did fall a few days behind this month. Thank goodness I only have to read a chapter a day so catching up is much more attainable than when I fall behind on reading through the entire Bible.

Here in the Northwest the weather has been wonderful! Sunshine and warmer temperatures make me excited about Spring! I am looking forward to planning my garden this month and starting some yard work.


Jamie @ Six Bricks High said...

Looks like Feb. was a good month as far as your list is concerned. I hope you are enjoying doing this. Can't wait to hear how your weekend of reflecting goes. I could use some time to stop and think about the busyness of life...I am really wanting to simplify!

Jeanine said...

You certainly HAVE been busy! Hope your girls both enjoyed their special birthday celebrations! Glad that all your busyness, though, is "good stuff!" Makes it hectic, I'm sure, but at least worthwhile and hopefully fun. last thing...send some of that Pacific Northwest weather this way, will ya? We're ready for spring here in Minnesota!!!!!

Mel said...

Way to go Jill...keep pluggin'!