Monday, March 22, 2010

What to wear...or not

The sun has been shining and the weather has been warmer. In this house that means it is time to go through spring/summer clothes and put away winter. I did this last weekend for my two younger daughters. This is a chore that I despise with a passion. I am very thankful for the tubs of clothing that I do not have to buy this season but I really don't like the process. The girls however LOVE it. They loved trying on "new to them" items and showing them off, looking in the mirror and admiring themselves and their new finds.

I also did this for myself. Did I enjoy the process? Not so much.

Where are Clinton and Stacy when I need them?

My friend Beth once told me that she equates name with certain styles. For example, Beth and Jill remind her of khakis and denim. I equate that with sensible and boring. After a look in my closet though I think she may be right. Not much excitement there. No little black dresses, no shimmering or embellished tops, No glitzy jackets. But I do have 5 pairs of khakis, 5 pairs of jeans, one denim shirt, two denim jackets, and 3 denim skirts. Not to mention the several pairs of khaki or denim cropped pants. Or how about 24 t-shirts, all solids, no stripes or patterns. 7 of them are white. I also have about the same number of long sleeved t-shirts. Can you say dull?

This weekend I purchased 2 button down shirts. Exactly the same. Different color. Both solid. They came in gingham prints and floral prints but I chose solid. Predictable? I think so. I tried the print and it just didn't feel right. I was uncomfortable. Weird, I know. My closet kind of looks like a big girl version of granimals. Remember where you just match the animal and the outfit matched? Blue shirt & khaki pants. Pink shirt & jeans. Sometimes I get a little wild and add...who am I kidding? I never veer off the equation.

My sister-in-law always knew just what to wear. She always looked amazing and well put together. Accessories, shoes, purse, the whole thing. I would take my cues from her on what was "fashionable". Not that I followed her lead, I was just a little bit knowledgeable then.

I want to be that woman who wears hip clothing and always looks in style. I would love to be like Beth Moore in the fashion area (as well as others) but that takes time, effort, knowledge and money. I don't have much of any of that. Is it OK to settle for clean and sensible?

What are your thoughts on keeping fashionably current? Do you put effort into it? Or do you hold to the clean and sensible opinion too?


Beth said...

I think that you have great fashion sense... compared to my current wardrobe you are looking very high fashion.

Jeanine said...

I have not met you in person but can't help but think that you look fabulous in whatever you wear. But I can relate to what your saying. My closet is boring, boring, boring. No sense of any one style...other than boring. When I was younger I could try on just about anything and not only did it fit, but it looked good, too. Now...well...not so much the same story. When you meet the What Not To Wear duo, send them my way, will ya?

Anonymous said...

I have always admired your sense of fashion! And what is wrong with "Big Girl Garanimals"?? I too, must admit that I have been finding my closet dull and boring lately. It takes me longer all of the time to decide what to wear for the day, and almost always, it ends up the same....jeans and a t-shirt or sweatshirt from my ever growing collection of WSU apparel!! I would say that retail therapy is in order, but there is that money problem....hmmmm. I think I will just vote for the neat and clean style!! :)...AND keep my eyes open for some good sales ;)...Marilyn

Mel said... so make me smile! Thanks Jill! I say hats off to you that you have 10 pair of pants that fit! Boring or not that is still good news! I am coming out of this winter with several pair that must have been over shrunk in the dryer???