Saturday, February 20, 2010


Facebook just baffles me. I am sure that Sociologist have lots to say about the whole social networking thing. I have a love-hate relationship with the site. Truth be told I have become a sot of lurker on the site. I kinda like that.

Things I love:
I love seeing pictures of people
Especially people from my past. Some who haven't changed at all, some who have changed much. I like that I can check them out without being their friend.
I also love seeing pictures of my kids friends; goofy, silly and what they are up to.
I love seeing nearly daily photos of my new great-nephew.
I love knowing what people are up to. Example: "Going to Hawaii tomorrow", "Starting a new job", "Reading a great book"
I like that I can get a sort of insight into my kids world view, see some of their conversations, and use it to spark conversations at home.

Things I don't like:
I hate too much information. I really don't need to know EVERYTHING. Example: "I am having trouble relieving myself" (yes, I really saw this one)
This also goes for pictures that show things or situations I don't want to see. I have been surprised several times by people I know in situations captured for the world to see on FB.
Saying 'ignore' to anyone who tries to friend me
It makes me feel bad. Even if I have not seen that person in 25 years.
Bad spelling or short text form spelling.

Things I just don't get:

Farms, Fishtanks, and Mafia Wars? Never tried 'em.
Sweetshop? How does me accepting a chocolate cherry give money to St. Judes Hospital?
Becoming a fan of things like 'I stubbed my toe and then said Ouch' ???
Telling the world so much information.

I have noticed that FB makes me more judgmental or critical of people too (which comes so easy to me anyway). When I see what they are a 'fan' of and I don't agree with it, when they post a bible verse that is not backed up with their actions, or even a sappy comment to someone's struggle when wouldn't it be better to give that person a call? Maybe this is the new way. But I would rather get a phone call or a card than have someone write on my wall. Of course not for all situations. Little struggles like a cold, that would merit of FB message. But the big things need real contact.

FB is so strange in the fact that it connects people from all areas in my life and all ages into one neat little package. But all those people can see me and hear my same thoughts. Although I don't believe this to be an issue for me myself I can see huge implications when a friend and a colleague see the same information. When the professional and the recreational meet. When the secular and religious connect. Oh wait - there shouldn't be anything different for that last one. My bad.

So, what are your thoughts on FB? Love it? Hate it? Or are you like me and feel both?


Carol said...

There is a girl in my writing class who is doing her research project on FB. I told her I can't stand it when people update their status several times a day and she replied, "Oh I know I hate that too, I only update my status like twice a day and never more than three times!" lol!!!! People are funny. I agree with you on the issue of writing a comment when a phone call is deserved... I fall into that YIKES! I need to quit allowing FB to make me into a lazy friend =(

Jamie @ Six Bricks High said...

I'm with you, Jill. I'm a total facebook lurker. There are things I like too, like seeing the pictures, but there is a lot of stuff I just don't get.

Beth said...

I agree with you Jill. But, one of the things that I really like is a FB post requires far fewer words that a blog post... and you know me a woman of few words (haha).

Jeanine said...

I agree that it's a "love-hate" relationship with FB. However, I probably love it more than I hate it. It's a great way to keep up with family and friends that are spread across the country.

kim said...

I too have a love-hate thing going with FB. I LOVE keeping in touch with so many people simultaneously. I LOVE LOVE LOVE lurking. I hate how much time it can suck from my life though and have had to put some pretty stick restrictions on myself. I also don't get MafiaWars, Farms,Fish....who had time?

Kim said...

I have written and deleted this same post several times. We are in total agreement on everything!


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