Thursday, April 9, 2009

Status Report my computer.

Drinking...Nothing. Hmmm...maybe I should be.

Weighing...Thoughts about Easter and how to make it real for my kids. And how much I want to live my life with eternity in my mind.

Thinking...About where God is moving my cloud.

Wondering...How softball practice is going to go tonight for Emma(15) and Eli(12) and Ron (coach).

Reading... Rethink by Steve Wright about how we do student ministry, great read so far. And A woman after God's Own Heart by Elizabeth George. I am going through this book with another woman and it has been so wonderful. It has been many years since I read this book and I had forgotten how great it is.

Contemplating...Twilight? I watched it last week to see what all the excitement was about. I don't get it. do some laundry and clean the kitchen :o)


Jamie said...

I'm needing to do laundry too...except my washer quit working today. UGH...I have friends coming to stay and I just had to run a load of laundry to my mom's house. So glad she is so close.

I think something funky is going on with my blog. I posted yesterday, but your list still has my post from last Friday listed...hmmm.

Wendi said...

hey Jill the Twilight thing...I don't get it either.LOL

Thanks for being my walking buddy, I'm excited for this go around, maybe I will do a lot better

Carol said...

Thanks for making our day special... I really appreciate you and your family so much!