Monday, April 6, 2009


Monday: Mexican Stack (our version of taco salad)
Tuesday: Grilled Chicken
Wednesday: Dinner at church (tortilla casserole)
Thursday: Spaghetti
Friday: Hamburgers/hotdogs on the grill
Saturday: Taco Macaroni skillet
Easter: Croissant sandwiches, salads, and dessert
Go check out more menus over at The Organizing Junkie

Last week I found a great blog for the frugally minded. The Grocery Cart Challenge. Gayle tries and succeeds at feeding her family of 6 on $60 a week. That is very impressive to me and I am hoping to learn from her. I made her Babysitter Cookies this weekend and they were great.

Spring is finally here! The weather is just beautiful today. I am looking forward to working in the garden, planting seeds and flowers and getting some sun on my very pale legs. Have a great Monday!!


Kim said...

I hear ya on the pale legs! And what is the deal with the veins??? Every year they seem to sprout more and more!

I love your menu :) What is Taco Macaroni skillet? Sounds like something we would like!

Oh, and your blog design is precious, too ;) Thanks for your sweet well-wishes and kind words.


Jeanine said...

First of all...pretty blog! I'm keeping mine in the "lent" mode prior to changing it to something else one Easter arrives!

$60 a week for six people?! No way! I thought I was doing well trying to keep our weekly grocery bill between $100-130 for four of us! I've been using a grocery delivery service and I must say,!!!! So much easier to stay on budget! AND no kids to drag to the grocery store, no unexpected surprises in the cart when reaching the checkout line and no impulse buying. Just sticking to the menu!
Enjoy your nice weather. I think it's hiding somewhere around here...but it is Minnesota and one never quite knows what little unexpected surprises are around the weather-corner. We might actually hit 50s by the weekend! Woo hoo! Only 30 more degrees to go before my body will be officially thawed out and warmed up!
Blessings to your day!

Jamie said...

Tell me more about the babysitter cookies...I looked for the recipe but couldn't find it.

Your menu looks great and budget friendly too:)