Tuesday, March 17, 2009


I am finding myself in a big of a blog block/slump again. Lots of random little thoughts but no real posts of any substance. I am hoping now that Jamie is back I will be inspired to greatness.

Monday (aka yesterday): French Dip sandwiches and sweet potato fries
Tuesday: BBQ Hamburgers - Now that the sun has decided to come out (somewhat) I think it is time to break out the grill
Wednesday: Dinner at church - corned beef and cabbage
Thursday: Chinese chicken casserole
Friday: Fajitas
Saturday: Spaghetti

Bible study has been great. Every week as we work on a specific attitude God has faithfully given me opportunity to put it in place, even when I didn't think I had issue with a particular attitude. The past week we worked on the wilderness attitude of doubt and this week we are replacing it with the promised land attitude of faith. Sure enough God has been giving me opportunity to doubt or trust Him. He has been faithful and is once again showing me how trustworthy He is and how I can fully place my faith in Him. I really do feel He is helping me change some of my wilderness attitudes.

In other random thoughts:
**My 12 year old son is driving me crazy. I seriously think his brain cells have taken a vacation.

**Emma had spring competitions for piano last weekend. I am so proud of her!!

**Celebrated 17 years being married to my sweetie.

**Spring break is right around the corner...yea!

**Can't wait til it is light enough in the morning to start walking again.

So there you have it. Have a great Tuesday, St. Patty's Day.


Jamie @ Purposeful Pursuit said...

I'm hoping you will be blogging regularly, because I love reading what you have to say...even if it is just bits of randomness.

Happy Anniversary!

I'm excited for spring break too!

Way to go Emma on the piano competition!

That bible study sounds so good (I know I say that everytime you blog about it) How many more weeks to go?

Wendi said...

Happy Anniversary!!! 17 years whoa whoa!! what are you guys doing for your anniversary? You have 7 years on me.. 20 is just around the corner for you...I think you guys need to take a cruise..or something..

Steve is walking with his backpack tonight, getting ready for Guatamala. I could of gone but I couldn't miss the biggest loser.

Mel said...

Thanks for your random thoughts. It makes me feel normal! My teenager is driving me nuts too! I missed a good friend's birthday by 11 days...now I feel like the biggest loser! I read back a few entries and your Bible study sounds awesome...thanks for sharing it with all of us:) You are a blessing!

Cyndi said...

Jill, great update! I really think that sounds like a great Bible study. I'm doing Mary Kassian's "Conversation Peace" right now so I may figure out the root of my "foot in mouth" problem is attitudes! I'll keep this one in mind!

Happy anniversary!!

Oh, and... my 12 year old is a precious gift from God and is intelligent, sharp as a tack, and witty. But... the "brain cell vacation thing." Yes!! What is UP? I swear a couple of weeks ago I thought, "He won't be able to function as an adult. He won't be able to keep a job. He will have to live with us forever. He....." Anyway. I'm right there with ya.