Friday, March 20, 2009

Hello Spring

Dear Sweet Spring,
It is so good to see you. I thought you had decided not to come, but lo' you were just delayed. You always deliver weeks before your due date, bringing hope for warmer days ahead. The promises of cropped pants and flip-flops. I am sure you have good reason. Did Winter tell you you were not needed? Not wanted? Winter is always so greedy, wanting to take more than is rightfully hers, trying to coming early and leaving late. Breathing colder than she needs too. Really she needs an attitude check and a bible study on selfishness. I think I will talk to the Lord about her behavior this year. This is simply unacceptable behavior and will not be tolerated.

Your temperatures today were glorious. I was so happy to have all my windows open, letting your lovely air fill our home with your sweet scent and shooing Winter out the door. I hate to talk behind Winter's back, but she stayed far too long. She really wore out her welcome.

You have been so long in coming I did not properly prepare. My body has been lazy...and it shows. The short sleeved t-shirts show that I have eaten too much pasta and not enough salad. My jiggly thighs show evidence of not enough walking. My belly shows the evidence of the ice cream I indulged in this winter while watching the Biggest Loser. Although our good friend scale says that only five pounds have come to stay this winter, my clothes tell me different. Maybe five in each area? I pledge an alliance to lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, apples, blueberries and the rest of the rainbow along with grilled chicken breasts. I vow self-control over soda, bread, pastas, and chocolate (after I eat the chocolate banana bread I just made).

I am sure this is all your fault Springtime friend. Had you been here sooner I am sure I would have never indulged, but stuck to the plan. Now I must face myself in the mirror. My pasty white self, (that is until I find the self-tanning lotion).

But you are here now. Time to walk, time to plant, time to clean, time to purge (clutter and weight, not meals). I am so glad you are here. And I so look forward to your cousin Summer right around the corner. She brings with her a completely different set of promises and joys! ;o)


Wendi said...

oh Jill you read my mind! As we speak I have all the windows and doors open, and I can smell the wonderful rain!

I too have gained 5 pounds but feel like 15! I will commit to working hard get this weight off. I now need to lose 15-20 pounds YUCK that sounds like soooo much. I can do it, I can do it!!

Jeanine said...

Very clever post. LOVED IT! I wish I could have your five pounds instead of the many more than five that I accumulated over the winter months! We enjoyed a beautiful spring day in Minnesota today, too! Have heard we may be in for more snow, though...and oh how fun, especially with spring break next week! Hope the weather guru's are wrong!

Beth said...

Spring is also a tease... one beautiful days followed by two days of clouds and rain.

Jamie @ Purposeful Pursuit said...

I'm so ready for some nice spring weather! It's been a long winter. I'm looking forward to about you?