Saturday, November 22, 2008

Status report:

Lately I find my thoughts are scattered. Random. All over the place. I am not sure what to blame this on. Thanksgiving next week? The economy? Our finances? Children? Husband? House? PMS? I am not sure, so I thought I would borrow an idea from Kim. Because I am tired of seeing only menus up on my blog.

Sitting…in the living room

Drinking…a cold cup of coffee

Getting ready to…make lunch

Glad...I have pumpkin bread in the oven, smells so yummy!

Looking forward to…Thanksgiving dinner, and maybe a reunion with travel mates from Spokane.

Dreading…folding socks. I hate this chore above all others.

Wanting…a Thankful Thanksgiving

Needing…To go to the grocery store for Thanksgiving dinner...oh, yea, and bread, and milk, and eggs and... And to put the clean sheets on my bed.

Imagining… Imagining? What is that? Crazy talk.


Juli said...

Ok so Monday meals says you are out of town with your sweetie on Friday and Saturday, but you have blog posting at noon and a facebook posting at 10am???

You shouldn't be home yet. Please tell me your plans didn't get cancelled?! :)

Jill said...

Yes, plans were canceled...oh, well better luck next time.

I would be more disappointed but it was a work related trip for Ron, and something work related canceled the trip ;o)

I was just along for the ride.

Kim said...

I have a friend with 7 children who is on the verge of being semi-famous. Her life is full of book tours, Rachel Ray, and beginning her very own show on PBS. All this and a homeschooling mom, too!

I kept her children for her when she was in the hospital with her 6th baby and I made a radical discovery. I spent the better part of two hours sifting through this enormous basket of socks before her oldest came in and said this:

We don't fold socks.

I nearly choked, but she repeated herself and explained:

We put all the socks in this giant basket. When you need socks. You get your own.

I am not there yet, but we are not too far away. I have started putting the boys pj's in a bin without folding them...

You must be scattered if you are drinking cold coffee ;)

kim said...

AH, socks. I dislike matching and folding socks just about as much as anything. And the lost ones? Are you kidding me? Where DO they go exactly?
We have a mismatch basket in the laundry room where I keep the unmatched ones, but sometimes I think ALL the socks are in there. That's the worst chore, matching the unmatched. Ah socks!

Juli said...

I on the other hand use the mismatched sock basket as an excuse to sit in front of the tv. If you have something chore related to do, sitting in front of the tv works great.

This goes along with stacks of paper that need to be gone through!

Lori said...

you funny.....

Kelly said...

I like folding socks. The reason... They're the easiest thing to fold and they don't wrinkle if I fold them wrong. My husband is a laundry nazi. He wouldn't admit it, but there's a way to fold shirts and pants. The Scott way. Actually his way of folding is better than mine, so I let him fold the shirts and pants. :-) So, hand me the socks!
Thinking of socks or stockings... Can we plan a date to go Christmas shopping?