Monday, November 17, 2008


It's Monday! (afternoon)
Time for ....

Monday: Taco Soup - I have been thinking about this soup all day...I don't really want to make it. Ever have those days?
Tuesday: Hot Chicken Sandwiches
Wed: Dinner @ Church
Thursday: Breakfast for dinner
Fri & Sat - Out of town with my Sweetie!

On another note...go over to Kelly and say 'Hello'. She is new to blogging and just the sweetest little thing ever!


Kelly said...

I want your taco soup recipe! :-) And,I don't feel very sweet today. I'm feeling kind of grumpy...

Wendi said...

Out of town?
who am I gonna walk with, YIKES!
Have fun on your weekend trip!

Hi! I'm Grace said...

Oh yes, its smart to plan the menu for the week...
the one that amused me was "breakfast for dinner" what that supposed to mean?
and yes, I will visit your friend... :)