Tuesday, May 20, 2008

I am needing to see some tangible progress. Something with a beginning and an end. Something that I can say 'Now that is better'. So much of what I do is a process and never really a completed project. I need to see that, so today I started two new projects and continued working on a third with the help of my kiddos (I knew they would be good for something someday).

First project: Rip the carpet out of the basement. Emma and Eli worked at ripping glued down carpet most of the afternoon. They got a good chunk of it done and will continue working on it tomorrow.

Project TWO: Take all the wallpaper out of my bathroom. This has needed to be done for sometime and now is the time to move. I spent the afternoon on this project, will continue tomorrow scraping. I am also replacing the trim boards and painting the ceiling.

Project THREE: The garden. I finished planting the seeds and plants this morning and Evie and Eden helped by weeding this morning. Hopefully this will mean lots of veggies this summer!

Ron has been working on removing old windows in the basement one at a time. He has finished three and has two more to go. YeaHoo!

Having an old house, there is always something to do. Something to fix. Something to paint. This summer I have a list of things I am going to be working on. I would really like to get all these things done this summer, but we will just have to see.

*Painting and redecorating the downstairs bathroom.

*Painting and getting a room downstairs ready for Eden.

*Re-painting Evie's room and getting it ready for Ella to move in to share.

*Painting the downstairs.

*Finishing the floor downstairs.

Hopefully next fall we can work on finishing the upstairs living room....

Oh, my goodness....what was I thinking? What was supposed to be a simple re-wallpaper the bathroom is now a mini-remodel. This list was supposed to be projects I could complete myself without the help of my hubby.
New window, counter and sink...and painting the exsisting cabinet along with replacing hardware. This was not what I had planned, but it is necessary. I am sure when it is completed I will be glad....but right now....Oh my

If I was brave I would post before and after pictures. But right now it is just too scary! Keep your eye on the prize...eye on the prize...


Sarah@Life in the Parsonage said...

I just have to say that I LOVE ALL those "E" names!!! (...I'm especially partial to Eli :)

I love the character and charm of old houses...and the projects :)

Carol said...

That is quite a list my friend. It is a good thing you have such good helpers! ;)

Lori said...

I'm exhausted just thinking about how much work is in store for you guys.
I think you should have like a "barn-raisin" and have all you very best friends come over and get all the projects done in one day, all the women make lemonade and the guys work, work, work....
Oh, wait...that only happens on "Little house on the prarie"!!!
Dang it!
Maybe you should a new tradition amongst us English folk?


Beth said...

That is quite a list, my friend. One of the reasons I sold my "old" house was the up keep... but dog gone it if this new house doesn't have a big list of things to work on.

Ginger said...

I love that feeling of seeing the progress too! Lots of our regular chores are really never-ending. As soon as you clean the kitchen, someone decides to make a snack. As soon as you finish laundry, it's time for bed and the laundry basket is full again...the list goes on. So, I'm with you on enjoying seeing the progress of these major projects!

And...you do lovely work. :) When you finish, it will say "Jill" all over it and be beautiful!

Thank God for strong children!

Christy said...

All I can say it to watch out for the garden rakes! They can be dangerous!

Jamie said...

It is a good feeling to see a project actually be completed! You have quite a list...it will be nice to get those things done!

Wendi said...

so much to do...whew! we moved into our house about 8 months ago and still don't have curtains, haha. I totally feel you about needing to get some projects done so you can see something completed, and you have great workers to help you.

Jamie said...

C'mon Jill, be brave, you can do it. We want to see before and after pics!

Carol said...

If you don't rip stuff up, you don't find more work. Hmmmmm. ;) I know it will look beautiful because you have such great taste and you are so creative! There, I said my encouraging words. NOW GET TO WORK!!!! ;)

Lynda said...

You should try Preen for your garden http://www.preen.com/newpreen/prdpreen/index.jsp It is wonderful for the weeds!!!
Sounds like you have a very productive summer planned!

Ginger said...

I agree with Jamie...
We want pictures!
We want pictures!
We want pictures!

I also agree with Lydna--Preen works great in the garden. :)