Sunday, May 6, 2007

The 'WHY' of homeschooling

Kim at Mercy Days has a great post on 'Why Homeschool'. I felt like she was reading my thoughts. She has articulated it very well.

This seemed like it was a big issue in the beginning when we first started to homeschool. So many people had an opinion on what we were doing and felt the need to let us know. It quieted down for several years but with our oldest going into 8th grade and high school on the horizon opinions have started coming out again. This time more direct and at times a little ugly.

I would NEVER say that everyone should homeschool. Nor would I say that all Christians should homeschool. I have some wonderful Christian friends that are teaching in the public schools and impacting their students, being salt and light. I just know my kids and at this point they are just not ready to be salt and light. I think they would start out strong, but with the daily erosion of the world, I think they would loose their saltiness and be desensitized. So it is MY/OUR job to prepare them so when they do go into the world whether it be school, college, or the work force they will stand strong and not dim their lights. This is also a good reminder to me to give them plenty of opportunity to be in the world now, and have 'controlled exposure'. That they see me be salty interacting with our neighbors and others we come in contact with.

Until God releases me from homeschooling our children, here is where we will be. 'Release' may sound like a negative word, but I have not intended it that way. God would have to make it very clear to us that we needed to do something different.


Kim said...

We must be thinking alike!!!

Sue said...

Jill, thanks for this post.
I homeschooled my kids through 6th grade and then they went to Christian and then to public.

I also would not make a blanket statement about homeschooling being for everyone. I think you have to pray and take your child's personality, calling, etc into consideration.

Unfortunately I have seen alot of homeschoolers that I would not want to emulate and in fact it saddens me.

My daughter (15) just came to me last week and asked if I would take her out of school next year and homeschool her. We are praying about it and probably will. She says that the pressure of the "world" is so heavy on her and she doesn't like who she's becoming.
Praise God, that she recongnized that.
I am going to go over to Kim's site also and check out her words.

I am a bit nervous about high school, but I know that God will lead me and give me the wisdom to do what He's called me to!

Thanks again,

Kim said...

It was something that always tugged at me, even before my youngest started school, but like Kim (Lifesong) mentioned on her blog today, it was mostly fear that kept me from making the leap. Once we really considered the choice...deliberate planning & was so very crystal clear. Choosing home was the best choice for us. I can't wait!

Great post :)

Sue said...

Just stopping by to wish you a Happy Mother's Day!