Sunday, May 13, 2007

I'll give this a whirl

School at our house is winding down for summer. We should finish our remaining subjects this week allowing for more time for other things. I thought I would give this a whirl since I enjoy seeing what others are making for dinner. I plan my menus for the whole month at one time to save time. Here are my menu plans for this week.

Monday: Grilled Salmon
Green salad

Tuesday: Oriental Chicken Salad

Wednesday: Church dinner (I have no idea what they are serving this week)

Thursday: Grilled Hamburgers

Friday and Saturday: Student Confrence for hubby and oldest daughter so I am not sure what the rest of us will do. Either leftovers or order in a pizza!

Have a great week!


Amy said...

It all sounds good! I've tried to do a month's menu plan at a time, but I've found that I do better a week at a time.

tegdirb92 said...

It sounds really good!! Have a wonderful week!

Kim said...

Your menu sounds great, Jill! I love all the fruit and veggies.

I'm glad you posted yours!