Thursday, May 3, 2007

Seven random things about me...

The surprise for the day is that I have been tagged for a meme by Kim! Since several of the blogs that Kim tagged I would have and I am still rather new at this blogging thing I am not going to tag anyone else. Maybe next meme...

20 years ago I would have never have thought this would be me...but it is.

#1. I think my feet are my favorite part of my body. I love a pedicure done with a french manicure (or do you call it a french pedicure then?) That way you don't have to worry about if your clothes clash with your outfit.

#2. I would have never thought I would become a homeschooling mom. I love what I do and I can not imagine sending my children to school all day and missing out on so much of who they are becoming. It has also showed me how quickly they grow and how little time we have to influence these precious gifts.

#3. I would have never thought I would be a pastor's wife. I am sure that those I went to high school would say the same thing! When I got married I thought I was marrying an engineer. I would have never in my wildest dreams thought that God would call my husband into the ministry. Not that he was not pastor material, just that was not the path I planned.

#4. I would have never thought I would be the mother of 5 KIDS! Even as I type that it still sounds crazy. I always thought I would have two kids (boy and girl of course), and be a full time working mom like my mother. Our youngest has been the biggest surprise. We adopted Ella in December after a 2 year long process. Adoption was never part of the plan. She has been such a joy and such a faith builder. I have heard it said and I now believe it so that adoption is the gospel made visible.

#5. I would have never thought I would like schedules, routines, and predictability so much. My single years I loved spontaneity and adventure. Now I love knowing what is coming around the corner.

#6. I love to read anything in print. Cereal boxes, magazines and especially books. I love a good book that encourages me to be better. A better mom, wife, daughter, friend, and person. I don't care much for fiction because I find myself drawn in and consumed by the characters. Then when the story is done I think 'Wow, look at all the time I wasted consumed by fictional people'.

#7. I love the opportunity to be alone with my man. With 5 kids and his demanding work schedule I cherish the moments for just the two of us. Just this week we went out for a couple hours for coffee and dessert at Starbucks. Fabulous!

Well, that's more than I am sure you needed to know about this simple girl.


Summer said...

Sometimes the plans we don't make turn out to be the best ones for us. :)

Kim said...

What wonderful things to learn about you! I have the same heart towards my children as you...homeschooling has been a tremendous blessing!

It was fun learning more about you!

Thanks for participating!

4given said...

Man... I was gonna tag you. :-D

I enjoyed learning about your "I would have never thought's"

Alot of them sound like me.

4given said...

Oh... and my feet are NOT pretty. :-/

Science Mama said...

I love your voracious reading appetite (cereal boxes included)and time with your man...I cherish that too! Cool blog!