Monday, January 9, 2012

A mini-revival

I love formulas.  Not necessarily the mathematical sort but the “if X  then Y” sort.  If I do this then this will happen.  If my attitude is this then the outcome will be such.  I love the idea that there is predictability.  Control.  I am fooling myself.

I live in a home with six other people.  As much as I would like it to be different, I have no control over them.  Yes, I can make consequences, but I cannot control.  And I really don’t think it is in their or my best interest if I do the controlling anyways.  But at times I want to know the outcome.  If I teach gratitude my children will be grateful.  If I value cleanliness my children will pick up after themselves.  If I make them well balanced meals my family will be healthy.  If my children see me value church and the Lord they will also.  If I pray enough in the morning I will have a blessed day.  If I am nice enough then my relationships will all go well (for me). 

What I do have control over is me.  My attitude, my response, my actions.  And that. Is. It.

I feel my Spirit is in a sort of revival.  I have a new desire for Scripture memory.  For journaling during quiet time.  A hunger to know more of Him.  To encourage others.  To give grace frivolously.  Because if grace is undeserved then why shouldn’t it be given frivolously?  I want to receive that kind from Him.  And I want to give that to others.


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