Monday, January 18, 2010

Random points

*Happy today is a day off
*Happy the sun is shining instead of rain
*Love the Fab 40 list - I may need to expand this thing because of its effect on keeping me focused!
*Thinking about purchasing a pair of skinny jeans...but not teenager skinny...39 year old skinny. I recieved some great boots for Christmas and they really need to be worn with pants inside.

I need some help. I want to buy some giftcards or small gifts ($10) for the teachers I work with to show appreciation and as unimaginable as it is not everyone likes coffee (shock). Do you have any great ideas?


Beth said...

Love that idea of appreciating teachers... would you come work at my school?

Jamie @ Six Bricks High said...

Me too! I agree with you and your random points, except I'm not even considering skinny jeans. But I think you so should get yourself some...the 39 year old kind.

How about a Sonic card? Ten dollars is a lot of happy hour drinks.