Monday, November 30, 2009

I hope you all had a fabulous thanksgiving weekend. Ours was very quiet and relaxing. We ate, made puzzles and played way too much Monopoly. So much in fact my husband asked if we could burn the game. Ahh...good times. We put the Christmas tree and all the lights on the house up. Did a little shopping...overall very productive and restful weekend.

Our Thanksgiving was also covered in a gray cloud. My sister in law spent most of the holiday weekend in the hospital fighting off pneumonia that is accompanying her cancer. She is not doing well and the outlook is grim. If you think of us, please say a prayer for her and her family. Especially the assurance of her salvation.


mholgate said...

Glad you had a good weekend. Our home was crowded with friends and family and we had a great time!

Your sister and her family are in my prayers.

Have a good week!

Wendi said...

I am glad to hear you had a great thanksgiving. It's always nice to have relaxing family time.

I will be praying for Liz. Is she out of the hospital?

Jamie @ Six Bricks High said...

I am praying!!!

Carol said...


Looking forward to seeing all your pretty decorations and feeling the warmth and love that is always at the Shelby house =)

Jeanine said...

So sorry the dark cloud of cancer is casting it's shadow over your family. I know you're feeling God's presence and love, though, and He will be the one to shine through the cloud.

Happy to hear that you had a wonderful and relaxing Thanksgiving weekend. Ours was crazy-hectic, like always...and I so wish it was more like yours.


Lori said...

praying for Liz...and her family.