Saturday, June 13, 2009

Hey y'all

Summer is in full swing here at the Shelby home. Ron and the kids are gearing up for Sports Camp next week with a mission trip that starts a week from today. Emma has been working her tail off doing yard work and mowing trying to earn money for a truck in the fall, she has a great start. I have had Eli busy working some hard jobs around the house this week including tearing up some old tile in the basement that left his hands all blistered, but it earned him a cell phone so he is a happy guy.

We took a long weekend last week and went and stayed at a friends cabin. It was very relaxing! I watched more TLC and Food Network than I had in a very long time. Also did some mindless entertainment reading which I also don't do very often.

Ron has torn down more walls in our living room and last night ripped off another wall of old sheet rock so we can re-insulate and run the last of the new electrical. This house was built in 1942 and it has taken us the last 6 years to change out all the old and replace with new. We are hoping to have new carpet laid in the living area in the next month or so. This may be difficult though with camps, mission trips and VBS sprinkled in.

I am so loving my job at the preschool, but can see I will really have to work at balance this summer. I find my mind going there a lot when I am at home thinking of ways to improve what is already well done. My family is very supportive and I want to keep it that way and not burn them out, or myself for that matter. I am trying to find ways to do work when everyone else is busy too, like next week at sports camp. Ella and I can go in and work in the mornings. That is the one great thing about working at the preschool, Ella thinks it is great fun to go and play while mom works.

Ella has started asking questions and making statements about God. Last night I was giving her calamine lotion for her mosquito bites and telling her that God would heal them. She said so sweetly "I love God". Last weekend she was pointing out ants to me and I told her how God said that ants are really good workers. She said "God told me to squish them". She makes me smile!

Wow! Look at this post. I guess it is either feast or famine around here! I am looking forward to seeing an old friend next week and getting back to some blogging. I have really missed my blogging friends.


mholgate said...

Good to see you Jill! I love to read about what's happening in your life and with your family. :)

Are you doing any specific Bible Study right now? I enjoyed reading your thoughts on the last one. I'm still plugging away at my Chronological read through the Bible in a year. I've added a scripture prayer journal. God is really showing me how important praying the scriptures is right now. I love the way He speaks to me through His Word!

Enjoy your summer!

Lori said...

hello my friend,
it was so good to see you yesterday.
i can't wait to catch up with you and hear about all the things i've missed while i was away.
missed you.....


Mel said... the quote about the ants!! What a blessing!! I started summer vacation yesterday...yippee! Let's set a date you, Beth and I can get together soon:O)

Jeanine said...'re back! Missed your blog entries! Ella sounds a lot like my Faith...sweet and funny! Hope the ants didn't get squished, though.

Keep enjoying your summer...and try to keep connected to the blogging world, too, so we know what's going on in the Shelby household.