Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Busy days of summer

I always look forward to summer time. It really isn't any less busy than the rest of the year, in fact in some ways it is busier. I do love getting some projects done around the house that I have put off all year as well as working in the garden.

Summer is off to a busy start just like the past 10 years. This month is my husband's tenth anniversary at his job as a youth minister. Whew! 10 years! Wow, have we learned a lot about ministry and teenagers. I could probably write a book. The Lord has taught us both so much and there is still so much to learn. You've come a long way baby! Ron and the older kiddos are off on a mission trip this week so things have been a bit quieter around here. Although whenever Ron and the olders are out of town Eden (11) seizes the opportunity and thinks it translates into 'PARTY TIME' for her. We have been to two movies, swimming, had a few friends over, had some one on one time with Grandma and it is only Wednesday! She leaves for camp in a little over a week, then maybe some rest and relaxation for mom. Nah, Evie(8) has great plans for that week already!

The garden is going crazy this year! I have so many tomato plants it is nuts. I planted 8 but at least another 8 have come back voluntarily. Four zucchini plants came back also. I have not been as diligent about weeding this year so when I do weed it is a major undertaking. I planted two raspberry bushes this year and already harvested about a dozen berries. I am so excited because this is the third year in a row I have tried raspberries and both other times they died to the lawn mower. If I can just get them through the year I think next year will be fabulous! I would love to try blueberries next year! Yum!

My mom and I recovered some chairs in my office at work. They were ugly orange and now are plain brown. They are still a little ugly, but at least now they blend in instead of BAM! I am also working on getting ready to paint the girls room. Last summer I painted Eden's room that ended up turning into Evie's room. Now Eden wants her room back so Evie may end up moving again. I have no idea what color...I would love new bedding but we will just have to see how that fits into the budget. We are also getting the living room ready to tape, texture and paint! YAHOO! This is huge for me! This will mean that the entire upstairs is finished! Yea!! I may have to throw a party to celebrate! There is a light at the end of the tunnel!

Have a great day! I am off to enjoy a beautiful day!


mholgate said...

Wow! You ARE a busy woman! :) Things have slowed way down here since school got out, but I don't have older kids yet. I am told that I should cherish the years where we spend more time at home than on the go! I am going to have play dates with my friend from church once a week starting next week, but other than that, it's play in the back yard and church for us.

Next month my two oldest will camp out on church property (there's a lot of it) for kids' camp. This year the theme is "Sticky Faith." It will be their first time staying the night somewhere away from mom and dad.

Enjoy your garden! Raspberries are the only thing I have in mine. They go nuts in July and Aug. I make jam, scones, and other fun things with them.

Well, have a fun summer. I'll see you around!


Lisa @ The Preacher's Wife said...

Congrats on 10 years, Jill! That is definitely a milestone. Praying for many more decades of faithful, fruitful service to the Body of Christ. :)

Jamie said...

'Ugly orange' and 'plain brown' are some of my favorite colors. How fun to have your own office.

Sounds like your garden is huge! I haven't seen any raspberries produced at my house yet; but the plant looks like it is doing well.

How exciting to have your upstairs almost complete! I know it has been quite a process for you.