Friday, December 16, 2011


I am joining with Gypsy Momma today...

I watched several preschool programs this week.  That is my blessing being a preschool director.  Children singing to their mommies  and daddies.  Oversized hand motions with big smiles.  So proud of what they had learned and so proud to have someone they loved watching them.

One boy yells "That is my Nanny!"

A little girls eyes light up when she sees her daddy.

A shy child holds her hand over her mouth but is secretly glad that she is performing for momma.

After the performance the children have opportunity to create a holiday treasure with their someone special.  The adults have come into the child's envorment.  It is our chance to be a child again and enjoy the simplicity of popcicle sticks, pom-poms, glue and glitter.

Yet, some of these adults cannot or will not connect.  They are still plugged into their cell phones texting while their child creates.  They sigh and look at their watch.  They ask me "How long do I have to stay?"

I wonder how often do I do that.  Do I linger too long at the computer?  Do I acknowledge their question?  Do I hear their voices?  Or am I too caught up in things that really don't matter to connect?  Pinterest, blogging and facebook can wait. 

Help me Lord to hear and see so I can connect with people and with You.


dina said...

pausing in the middle of my own computer time to go engage my kids on a bike ride! connected in reality is always better than virtually!

Denise J. Hughes said...

Yes, we do enjoy the simplicity of craft sticks and pom-poms. I was a preschool teacher for a couple of years; I can well imagine the kind of programs you are describing.

And you're so right. Our cell phones may connect us with the rest of the world, but they can also be a source of "disconnect" between our loved ones and us. Great point!

Love this post!

SAHSHA said...

Oh my gosh... I say this exact same thing to myself.. I secretly despise the parents glued to their phone and then I have to realize, I'm one of them... sigh..

SAHSHA said...

that was Sahsha's MUMMY posting.. I thought I changed accounts.. guess not..

Jamie @ Six Bricks High said...

That is my prayer too, Jill. To hear and to see so that I can connect. Great reminder about the stuff that really matters.

mholgate said...

I was pondering this question just the other day! I have made a commitment this winter break to both plan fun moments with my children, and embrace spontaneous moments as they come my way. :)

Happy Holidays!